How to update the Google Play Store to the latest version for free

Google Play or Play Store offers us the option of download or rent movies, games, applications, books, music, movies and much more. This store is available for any device that has an Android operating system. It also offers a good quality service, where downloading and installing an application is very easy and intuitive.

How to update Google Play Store to the latest version for free

In general, we are used to the fact that most apps are updated automatically or sometimes it has to be done manually. Taking into account that these types of updates occur both in the applications that your mobile carries by default, and in those that you install manually, through the Play Store.

However, it is also possible to update the Google Play Store , and in this way get the latest version in all its categories, but the best thing is that it is a totally free process. So, if you still don't know how it's done, don't worry, because I'll give you all the details below.

      How to know the version of Google Play Store I have installed?

      If you have already downloaded and installed the Google Play Store on your mobile , it is necessary that before updating your Google Play Store, Check which version you have installed on your device.

      This is important because Google normally runs several tests on the store application, so this can mean that in some cases users can get the new tools or options and in other cases they can't, although in both cases I know the same is being used . version.

      For this reason, even if you think you don't have the latest version, we recommend that you make sure. To do this, you need to do the following:

      • The first thing is to access the Settings of system
      • Once there, enter the section Applications
      • The list of apps installed on your device is immediately displayed.
      • click on Google Play Store
      • Finally, you have to go down bottom of the menu and you will find it version of the application you have installed.

      Then, being sure of the current version of the store, you can continue with the update.

      Update the Google Play Store to the latest version for free

      Normally the Android app store receives automatic or silent updates . In other words, it does not inform us that it has been updated recently, therefore, more often than not, users discover for themselves the changes that have been generalized within it.

      However, waiting for the store to update itself can be a tedious process, as we have no idea when it will update and while we will miss out on the latest trends. This is the reason why it's better to update it manually . Bearing in mind that it is a very simple procedure, but not only that, but also totally free.

      You are probably wondering what is the purpose of updating the Google Play Store? Basically this helps us save time and quickly get the new options offered by the store. This way we will have the best versions of the store, in terms of all its applications.

      Steps to update Google Play Store to the latest version for free

      • Sign in to the app Play Store on your device
      • Then a click on the drop-down menu located in the upper left corner
      • Then click Settings
      • Once there, several options appear, including the version of the store
      • So, you just have to do click your version . If it is up to date, a pop-up window immediately appears stating that the Google Play Store is up to date.
      • In this way, Google Play checks if there is a recent version and if you don't have it, it will immediately update automatically. While if you already have it, a pop-up window will appear notifying you.

      Without a doubt, this update procedure is very simple, but it is very significant in obtaining the latest and greatest applications that this store offers us.

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