How to upload WhatsApp status: the best WhatsApp status (example)

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Uploading WhatsApp statuses is a fairly straightforward task, but you may not be familiar with this application, and if so, your statuses may not be as successful as expected. If, when you look at who has seen your WhatsApp statuses, you realize that many have started seeing them and then have lost interest, you may need to change the "strategy" you use.

How to upload WhatsApp statuses: the best WhatsApp statuses

In any case, in this article you will learn how to upload best WhatsApp statuses . The usefulness of the states is that they are easy and quick to publish, view and delete (they are deleted automatically or manually).

You do not have to know how to load them, but it would be good if you take full advantage of all the features of the messaging app for smartphones (smartphones) most downloaded in the world . If you haven't installed it yet, you can do it

Keep in mind that you are using an application from the Facebook company , known for its innovation in terms of the implementation of its products. It may be difficult to master without the proper guides, such as the ones you'll find on this site.

Once you've learned how to charge them, you should focus on the quality of your content . Of course, those who will see these states will be your acquaintances, friends and family. However, you can't blame them for getting bored with a long string of images, videos, gifs, or text. They may also not have enough time, do not despair.

How are the best WhatsApp statuses?

First of all, you need to be clear about what a WhatsApp status is. These are publications that we create, to share images, videos, texts or gifs to our contacts (the telephone numbers we have programmed).

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These publications will remain visible for 24 hours after publication, after which they will be automatically deleted (if you do not decide before deleting the WhatsApp status). Note that videos longer than 30 seconds must be uploaded fragmented.

What do you get from the previous paragraph? Simple. Your status audience is limited to people you've added and know. With that in mind, you will be in charge of discern the type of content they like , according to their tastes.

Additionally, you discovered the maximum duration of a state, 30 seconds, which is designed to be dynamic and quick to view. If you share too many things at once, many people will fall by the wayside.

Well, the obvious, and most important, is that it's good quality media. You need to take good photos with your mobile phone camera and record videos that are enjoyable to watch.

How to upload WhatsApp statuses?

The task of upload WhatsApp statuses it is not complex at all. The requirements are: to have a mobile device with WhatsApp installed and to know how to use a smartphone in a simple way.

You will open the application and see that it places you in the CHAT tab, which is where your conversations are. What you want is to go to the STATES window. To do this, you will do slide your finger gently , from right to left.

At this point, I want you to keep in mind that the statuses will be sent to your contacts, depending on the privacy settings you have. You can exclude or include whoever you want.

Once the STATES tab is displayed, you have two options:

WhatsApp states with text

They are those states in which you can write, on a colored background (of your choice, among the available options). They allow you to change the font of the text and add emojis. To enter these states, it is necessary press the pencil symbol and create it to your liking. Then press the paper plane icon, which will send it to your contacts.

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WhatsApp status of images, videos or gifs

This is the kind of state in which upload your photos or recordings . You can also cut a short video clip and turn it into a gif. Images can be decorated with text boxes.

For this choice, you will press on symbol of the camera , selecting content from your gallery or resuming it on the spot. You will also need to press the plane icon to send them.

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