How to use a Cloud Server What is it and what is it for?

As use a cloud server and what is it for? How can I use a cloud server? What do I need to use a cloud server? What steps do I need to follow to save my files to a cloud server?

In case you don't know what a cloud server is, this is a wonderful resource that is distributed across an internet network. Surely on some occasion you have heard of Google Drive, cloud storage that Google makes available to each of its users.

A cloud server can be located anywhere in the world and work remotely for any user with a good Internet connection. Anyone can have access to a server in the cloud, without having to belong to an organization.

Therefore, today in Look How It Is Done we offer you a complete guide so that you know more about these online servers.

Basic utility and functionality of Cloud Servers

Servers in the cloud can have some important features that make it very versatile, functional, and the best option today. And the first is that the user will always have access to services it needs, known as Self-Service a Demand .

It gives you all the resources you might need from hardware such as storage, processing, etc. and is known as the Resource Pool. Another of its basic features has to do with network access and that is that you can have its services through a public, private and even shared network .

You will also receive from the service provider a report on the use you have made of the resources that the platform has offered you. This way you will be able to track and finally we can mention that cloud storage it does not require the installation of additional equipment or maintenance and that you will have access from anywhere.

What are the best cloud servers of the moment?

At the moment we can find that this type of service is in great demand and there are companies dedicated to offering data storage in the cloud. To begin with we can calling you Dropbox and enjoying great popularity and acceptance . Which can offer you 2GB of free storage, but it also gives you very affordable paid plans.

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Another very popular service, being one of the most used today is Google Drive . A service that gives you 15 GB of storage for free when you open a Google account. With which you will get other features such as backup, but if you require more space you can choose to purchase the paid plans with different rates.

Another interesting option that also has a high degree of preference is undoubtedly OneDrive, the alternative for cloud storage that Microsoft presents . But it doesn't just offer 5GB for free, but you can choose to hire one of its various plans it offers and thus have a greater capacity to store important data in the cloud.

How to rent a cloud server for business

Renting a server in the cloud for our company is very easy to do , but we must take into account the services we want to acquire from it. In this way we can evaluate some important aspects where it offers us the best space-price ratio. As well as connectivity, security, privacy and the solution of any problems.

How to buy a space in the cloud

The purchase di space of cloud storage will depend on the company offering the service to you . But in general, it will be very easy to do this Google Drive or Dropbox, each has a section with which you can buy more space. It will also show the monthly and yearly cost, as well as the payment method.

What is the cost of virtual servers

As we have already mentioned, each company has rates that vary in price depending on the amount of storage you want to purchase . And in this case, this will be determined by the type of business you have, as well as the derivative services you wish to acquire. But they can have a very low cost if we compare them with all the advantages you will get.

Is it possible to create a free server to store data?

Today almost anything is possible if we have the necessary knowledge and we create a server to store data without having to make a monthly payment if possible . Since you can currently have Internet services that exceed 100 Mbps. And with the advantages of having all your information stored on your servers and not on third-party servers

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Differences between cloud servers and physical servers

The main feature of cloud storage services, or better known as cloud servers, is that they are mostly free. Or they have extremely low prices.

On the other hand, physical servers have high costs. This is because they need the existence of physical space, refrigeration, technology ... So it is necessary to pay large taxes in them.

A server in the cloud allows you to access your files at any time. There are currently tricks and features that allow you to view and access Google Drive files without an internet connection. Furthermore, these are constantly updated.

Physical servers do not allow access to the account from anywhere, it can only be accessed from the designated device. These update slower because they require permissions and this should be the case done manually. Additionally, hiring these services is usually longer and includes migration fees.

How does a cloud server work and what is it for?

Choosing a cloud server, in addition to having several advantages, offers hundreds of options when it comes to storage. Thanks to a cloud server, for example, you can upload and share files on Dropbox, another popular server.

If you wonder how they work? It is due to virtualization. Most cloud servers run through software that manages and performs various functions. This software is called a hypervisor , is installed on several physical servers to contact them.

Once connected, they are disconnected and grouped to create servers in the cloud, which work automatically, thus hosting millions of users.

Likewise, there are virtual servers whose function is to host each of your virtual platforms as well manage them easily.

How to choose the right server?

Anyone who has Internet access can use a cloud server. There are hundreds of servers in the cloud. There are several things to consider when choosing a server.

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If you want a cloud server you have to pay attention to your needs. If you are a common user looking to store your data, Google Drive may be the best option, however if you want to host your own digital platforms the decision is more complex.

Google, in addition to having Drive, offers the possibility of hosting digital platforms via Google Cloud Platform. This can be a great option for businesses working with web services like WordPress, or for businesses looking to improve their workloads on Oracle services.

Google Cloud Platform positions itself as one of the best servers in the cloud, as it allows you to increase the security of your site, migrate all your files in order, and reduce the costs of infrastructure and services you don't use.

Advantages and disadvantages of cloud storage

Many people and companies resort to this option of storing information in the cloud, but did you know what are the advantages and disadvantages of using this service.

Advantages :

Access is one of the main benefits this archiving service offers, since you can see all the content hosted there from anywhere.

Another great advantage is that you can set up synchronization of multiple devices at the same time. Therefore, if you make changes to one, it will automatically be reflected in the others.

The security levels used for avoid the possible loss of information or the intervention of computer hackers are another advantage.

disadvantages :

While it may be thought that the dependence on hard drives is over, it is not and many companies offering this service still use it .

The possibility exists to expose privacy of the data stored by the various companies that provide the service.

The internet connection in addition to its speed can be a disadvantage if you don't have a good signal to use the storage service. And this can prevent you from being able to access changes made in real time. Or wanting to see certain information in a place where there is no network connection.

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