How to use and create a group in Gmail chat on my phone or PC, step by step

Gmail is a messaging method that offers us many advantages. If you are an entrepreneur, you already know the countless advantages that Gmail offers . Recently, Gmail introduced the use of groups in chats - a perfect feature for people who want to hold a meeting or meeting.

In addition, with Gmail you can also create email signatures with images and hyperlinks, which makes the job of entrepreneurs much easier. For now in this article we will teach you how to create groups in a Gmail chat . We will explain it to you step by step so that you can understand it quickly.

How to use and create a group in Gmail chat on my phone or PC, step by step

      How to create a group in Gmail on phone?

      In order to create a group in Gmail you must have a Google email address . It should be noted that with these emails you can also make video calls. Gmail's chat service is a bit similar to Messenger, but a little better.

      With this chat service, you can send emails to our contacts whenever you want. Service in chats on Gmail it's called "Hangouts". Now let's talk about the steps to create a group using Gmail.

      Step 1: Create a Gmail or Google account

      If you already have access to a Google or Gmail account, it will be easy for you to access the "Hangouts" chat. Now, if you don't have either of these two accounts, you will need to open one and so access the "Hangouts" chat .

      In case you have a Gmail account but you have forgot your account password , there is a Gmail recovery method.

      Step 2: Go to "Hangout"

      You can do this in two ways, the first is opening your Gmail and activating "Hangouts". And the other way is to log in through Google, by logging into Hangouts directly.

      If you will always use "Hangouts" on your phone, we recommend downloading the application from Google Play . Since you will be able to use the chat more comfortably and it will be easier for you to send files such as documents, images, audios, etc.

      Step 3: Write the name of the person you want to talk to

      In this case you will only have to write the name of one of the contacts you have in Gmail. If you want to talk to more than one person, choose the option " Create new group". Proceed to choose the people you want in the group.

      And finally you can start talking with the people you added. To add more people you just have to press the doll icon that will appear there. And if you want to make a video call, press on the camera icon which will appear there.

      If you have another mobile phone or if you have a Tablet and want to use the Gmail chat there, you will only have to download the App and log in. This App is available for Android, iOS and other systems.

      How to create a Gmail group using a computer?

      Although most of the time Android apps are not compatible with Windows, you can still use Gmail chat i.e. "Hangouts" on your PC. You won't need to download the app, since you can use "Hangouts" from your browser.

      In your browser you will place "hangout" or you can also open it from Gmail and there you will already have "Hangouts" at your disposal. If your computer has a camera, you can make a video call by accessing a chat and pressing the video call icon.

      And if you want to make one group video call, go to one of your groups that you created and press the camera icon. If you want to have the same contacts in another Gmail account, there is a contact export method that integrates Gmail.

      And even if you don't want to use another Gmail account, doing so can act as a backup of your contacts. So. If for things in life you forget your Gmail password, you will have all your contacts protected in another account.

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