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The frenzy of creativity is immersed in every corner of the virtual world. Ingenuity and vigor can be transmitted through art and design, thus embodying endless ideas that constantly renew the way we admire and appreciate the digital age.

There are several programs, meant for facilitate and promote creativity in the world of graphic design . One of them has managed to position themselves as the great ally of professional designers and layout designers, we are talking about InDesing.

With an arsenal of incredible tools , offers its users the ability to make extraordinary projects from scratch or using predefined designs. This program designed for editorial editing , enhance creativity by taking digital typography to another level.

InDesing functions

This application it has a very simple and friendly interface , which helps to develop amazing projects without any kind of difficulty. Among the creations you can make with this program are:

  • Creation of prototypes of web pages.
  • Interactive PDF.
  • Books, book and magazine covers in digital or paper format.
  • Creating interactive buttons.
  • Flayers.
  • Digital newspapers.
  • Mobile publications.
  • InDesing is a truly complete program, stands out for its incredible versatility, offering creative freedom to its users.

    It offers the best tools that will undoubtedly enhance and position your project. This cross-platform application guarantees surprising typographic elaborations , as well as adapting to professional needs.

    InDesing allows you to add multimedia files such as audio and video to projects Furthermore, you can also download the content of your creations in EPUB, JPG, HTML format, among others.

    Create paths and shapes

    In the arsenal of tools offered by Adobe InDesing, such as inserting images into shapes and letters, you can also find the pen tool. This precision tool allows you to elaborate by means of segments joined by vertices, linear and curved lines and to draw simple or complex shapes .

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    To perform any creation using this tool, first you need to:

    • Individual in the options on the left side of the panel, between the pencil tool and the straight line, select it.
    • Next, you need to go to the project sheet and click to mark the first point.
    • Click on a segment of the creation sheet and one parallel to the first point created, like this you will create a straight line.
  • You can make several clicks in different areas of the sheet to create a shape with straight lines.
  • To close a shape, go back to the starting point.
  • In case you wish draw curved lines , you must only:

    • Click in the worksheet with the pen tool
    • Position yourself and hold down the left mouse button, so that the anchor point controls look like this.
    • If you want to create a shape, go back to the starting point to close.
    • If you are not satisfied and want to change the curvature, select the direct selection tool located in the upper left part of the options menu, click on the curve by positioning yourself on the handles and configure your drawing according to your style.

      Straight with curved points

      If you want to convert straight stitches to curves, the process is as simple as following these steps:

      1. Using the " convert direction point "located in the drop-down menu that will appear when you select the pen tool.
      2. Next, you need to go to the point you want to edit and select it.
    • By holding down, you can move the cursor so that the handles appear.
    • Edit the curvature you want it to have the section by holding down the left mouse button.
    • To undo the curvature of the line, just click again and it will return to its initial shape.
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      Designs and colors

      To draw a closed shape, you just have to, after marking the points of the lines you want it to have, go back to the starting point. In this way, you will get a closed figure that you can edit and apply color shades of fill, outline, apply shadow effect and much more.

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