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If you have a hard time configure your WiFi network, you should buy a Movistar Smart WiFi. With this router together with the application compatible with Apple and Android operating systems, making changes to the configuration of your WiFi network will become child's play.

    The Movistar Smart WiFi application is essentially the simplest and fastest way to use and control the equipment and devices connected to the Movistar fiber, which is the Movistar connection system via fiber optic cables, via a Movistar Router with which we access the internet service.

    Movistar Smart WiFi also allows you to controllare directly it WiFi , along with other connected devices. This can be downloaded and installed on devices with different operating systems, such as mobile phones and tablets.

    This Movistar Smart WiFi application it is found on the Play Store platform, if the device is Android, or on the App Store platform, if the device has an Apple operating system.

    Its download is similar to that of any mobile application. We just have to create an account in the Play Store or the App Store , if you don't have one, access the specific application library, search for "Movistar Smart WiFi".

    Once you have downloaded and installed the Movistar Smart WiFi application, you will be able to take advantage of multiple functions, such as creating a WiFi network exclusively for the guests or people you choose, you will be able to measure the speed of the Internet, among others. And you will no longer need share the your key Personal WiFi.

    How to use Movistar Smart WiFi?

    The Movistar WiFi Router called Smart WiFi was created so that it can be easier for users on control Movistar connected to the Internet system equipment , making management extremely simple.

    Once you have purchased the Router at one of the Movistar agencies, all that remains is to download and install the Movistar Smart WiFi application to take advantage of its many functions and facilitate the access and change of WiFi on all connected devices.

    To get started, you have to add the modem data , such as the password that appears at the bottom of it, then the application will automatically return the data of the modem and the devices connected to it.

    From that moment on we can configure a WiFi network for guests only by entering the main menu of the application, selecting the option of 'La my network ' , then we log on to our usual WiFi network and activate the option of ' Guest WiFi ' , here it is added a different name and password than general WiFi. To use the ' lock device ' that Movistar Smart WiFi offers, you can do it in two ways:

    • Locate the device we want to block via the main menu from the "My devices" section. There it will show the option to lock and unlock it
    • Selection of the device to block, using the initial device map . Once selected, click on the "Lock device" option
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    How Smart WiFi Movistar works

    configure Movistar Smart WiFi with the internet modem, first of all make sure that you have disconnected the fiber cable from the old router and connected it to the Movistar Smart WiFi Router.

    So you need to wait for Movistar Smart WiFi to perform a basic configuration when it automatically connects to the Internet. This usually takes a few minutes when it's the first time .

    Once the lights are on and it has self-configured, enter the password you find under the internet modem , you must make sure that the device from which you are going to carry out the configuration is connected to the internet network of the modem you are using. added the password.

    Once installed, you will be able to access the Movistar Smart WiFi configuration via the mobile device on which you downloaded the Movistar Smart WiFi application, simply by going to its settings or configuration .

    If you own the decoder UHD and you are a Movistar fusion client, you can access the Movistar Smart WiFi configuration through your TV, in the same way we do it through the mobile device we use regularly, that is through the main menu of the application.

    How to easily configure my Movistar router or modem

    Like all types of Wi-Fi routers or modems, we're likely to want to perform some extra configurations, in addition to the default ones, such as changing the network name, password, changing server settings, etc.

    Use of the Smart WiFi mobile app

    Another fairly simple and effective way to set up your Wifi router without any problem and without the help of a technician, is to use the Movistar Smart Wifi portal.

    This application allows you to manage all information regarding your router and the connections of your home, it allows you to check how many devices are connected, manage access, change username, password, etc. It is quite useful, especially in those homes where the dispute over Wi-Fi is constant.

    Da Movistar + in TV

    Another very useful way to configure your Movistar Router is through the Movistar TV service , this procedure is practically the same as in the Alejandra portal, since you will have to access the same Portal, but this time through your Smart TV, but for this you must have contracted the Movistar TV service.

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    Through the Alejandra portal

    This setup cannot be done with some predefined software on your computer, as it is required (in most cases) enter the web portal that the company has for this type of change, in the case of Movistar, we can make these changes as follows:

    • First, connect to the Movistar Wi-Fi network from your computer. The first thing you will need to do is write the password which is provided by default behind the Router.
    • Then you will enter the address bar on the web and type the following numbers: This will open a portal dedicated to the configuration of routers, this portal, in Movistar, is known as 'Portal Alejandra'.
    • Once the portal is open, we will log in using user 1234 and password 1234.

    This mode works only for certain specific devices . To be more precise, in the templates:

    • Askey RTF3505VW (HGU).
    • MitraStar GPT-2541 GNAC (HGU).
    • MitraStar HGW 2501 GN-R2

    How to configure the Movistar router as a repeater

    For starters, what is a Wifi repeater? It is quite simple to understand. A WiFi repeater, also known as extender WiFi or adapter , is a device that is generally used for extend home network coverage . In many cases it is necessary to use these amplifiers, since although the cable connection (LAN) is good enough, in terms of speed, it does not always manage to cover the whole house.

    So let's suppose we have a house that exceeds 50 m2, which is the average range of a Movistar router. You have the router on the first floor, but you have a computer on the second, no problem. You just have to configure the second floor computer repeater to receive the signal.

    To configure your Movistar modem, to use it as a Wifi repeater, you only need follow a few simple steps:

    • First of all, you have to restart the router, holding the 'reset' button for 10 seconds. Then you will need to turn off the router and connect it to the PC.
    • Turn on the modem and wait for all the lights to come on.
    • Then you will need to open your browser to type:
    • To enter the configuration, you will need to enter a username and password, both will be '1234'.
    • In the section that says 'Wireless network' you will put the name you want to give the Wi-Fi network.
    • When you enter the 'Security' section, you will enter the password you want.
    • In the LAN section, you will need to change the IP address. There you will enter and in the mask you have to place the one of the router to which we want to amplify the signal.
    • Then you will need to go to the 'DHCP' - 'Status' configuration and select 'disabled'. When finished, you will need to click on 'accept'.
    • Then you will need to turn off the router and disconnect the internet.
    • Then you will need to put an internet cable directly to the router you want to amplify the signal from.
    • Finally, you will turn on the Movistar router and wait for the lights to turn on completely.
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    Optimize the speed of my Movistar or Smart Wifi router

    There is no worse evil than a bad internet, that's why we are all always looking for the ideal internet speed . There are several ways to optimize the speed of the router, although of course each trick will vary depending on the quality of the network and the router you have.

    A trick widely used by all is that of vary the location of the router, because it is known that the further we go from it, the fewer bars we will have and therefore the slower our connection speed will be. It is advisable to place the router in a strategic place where it can cover the greatest number of places in the house.

    A good way to optimize the signal in the house is use repeaters , also positioned in strategic points, these will allow you to amplify the internet signal to the most remote places in your home.

    Another good enough way to improve your internet connection is prioritize your activities and devices , since it is evident that the more devices are connected to Wifi, the slower our connection will be, at least for certain activities.

    That's why we always have to have control over the devices that use our network, we can to do it simply by limiting who we give our password to. But if we don't want to be a troublemaker, we can also use applications such as the "Smart Wifi App", which is used to manage everything related to your Movistar WiFi connections.

    And finally, one of the most used methods is to simply rent a high-speed Internet service, which has enough MB of speed, both upstream and downstream. This method, along with some Wi-Fi repeaters, will ensure optimal Internet everywhere in our home.

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