How to use and have more than 3 WhatsApp accounts on the same mobile or Android mobile

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Social networks have generated a total impact in the world, thanks to their daily innovations, they have become a significant power, today we use them all for various activities, from the smallest to the largest, they have a large crowd of users around the world , which increases significantly with each passing day.

The Internet allows us to perform multiple functions, we can interact with the people we want , quickly, obtain information via browser, easily create pages online using the various platforms created, send and receive emails, watch movies, there are thousands of social networks all with a different goal, even if they look very similar they are not.

If we give proper use to social networks and the internet, you can get many reasonable benefits from it, generate income even with a good profit, the internet has generated a massive amount of jobs online, all with different characteristics, of course this too It has its advantages and disadvantages, but nevertheless there are more positive things we have when we do these tasks.

    What is WhatsApp and how does it work?

    It is an application that has thousands of users all over the world, yes based on the messaging option , in the same way to make video calls and send voice notes, the best thing about this application is that it is totally free for Android and iOS, allowing more efficiency in obtaining it, since it is not limited.

    If we want communicate with a person, whether distant or close , what we need to do is save the contact number on our mobile, then we enter WhatsApp and update the contact list, we will immediately see how it looks and we can exchange as soon as possible mentioned, this application has become the favorite of the public, thanks to its various tools and functions it contains.

    It allows us to send "states" where we can place anything, photos, videos, emojis, moods and more, has a privacy settings menu that allows us to have greater reliability within the application, at the same way we can share documents and links via instant messaging chat, so if you don't have WhatsApp, download it now!

    What is double messaging and how does it work on my mobile?

    Double messaging is a tool available today on some smartphone models. This functionality it is configured natively , which means it is installed by the device manufacturer, not by the operating system. All this, to have two telephone numbers configured on a single mobile phone.

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    Many cell phones right now have the option of inserting two SIM cards, but is the manufacturer of the phone that must include its own application to use them at the same time.

    How to clone my WhatsApp application to my Android device?

    If we are not satisfied with a WhatsApp account and we want to have two or three, on the same mobile it is really possible, although it is not a legal or official option that the company allows, we can do it through cloning applications that we will tell you later.

    Double app for Huawei devices

    For some time now the devices Huawei have included this useful APP , all that remains is to enable it from the system settings. With it you can easily clone different apps like Facebook, Twitter and of course what we want, WhatsApp.

    To enable it, follow the following steps and you will be able to enjoy everything it offers you.

    • Log in to settings menu of your phone
    • Search for applications option
    • Locate the App Twin option
    • Once inside, you just have to select which application you want to clone, in this case WhatsApp.
    • Now you just have to wait for the app to do its job and within seconds you will see a duplicate app icon that you wanted to clone.

    Now you just have to open your cloned app and start configuring it completely to your liking.

    Clone Xiaomi mobile app

    If you own a Smartphone with MIUI as an operating system , you can also access the option to clone applications in an easy way thanks to its Clone App feature, below are the steps you need to follow to get it:

    • Log in to the settings of your mobile phone
    • Find the section uses
    • Press the option " Double application "o" Aperture app "
    • Select the application you want to clone, you can choose the one you want.

    After following all these steps, a duplicate icon with the cloned app will appear on the main screen. So that you can identify it, the clone application will have a small icon to identify it.

    App parallele in One Plus

    One of the highest rated smartphones in the last year was the OnePlus 3 and also the 3T . If you have one, you should know that its Chinese manufacturer has already included in an improved way the support that this powerful terminal requires. Its new update allows you to duplicate apps so you can use two accounts in the same app via its Pararell Apps tool . The steps to follow to achieve this are as follows:

    • Vai everyone settings of the your equipment.
    • E nter in the 'Applications' option
    • Select "Parallel apps" .
    • When you do, you will be shown a list of applications that can be duplicated.
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    From now on it does not stay to choose which apps to duplicate and voila , in seconds you will have the icons on the home screen ready to start setting up your accounts in an easy way.

    Free apps to use two different accounts on Android

    If you don't have a Smartphone that offers you a native way to clone your apps, you can always make use of applications developed by third parties that will allow you to easily clone your apps. We will talk about some of them.

    Parallel Space from Android

    This is an application that will give you the ability to set up two different user accounts for all the apps you have installed on your mobile. You can use them in one way without any inconvenience. Its operation is very simple, since what it does is create a virtual space that allows the execution of the apps that clone inside it . This way you can open the same application twice on the same Smartphone.

    One point in its favor is that takes up very little space , only 2MB of memory, so you won't have to sacrifice too much storage space to install it. You can find it in the Play Store, once downloaded and installed, you need to give it all the required permissions so that it can do its cloning job optimally.

    App Cloner in the Play Store

    As we know there are various applications to clone other apps, but some are not efficient as such, so it is important to know that " App Cloner "is one of the best in the its kind to do it, to get it, we just have to enter the Play Store, search for the application, click on download and once downloaded we do the following:

    We post it, read and accept all permissions and privacy policies it contains, so we will have the option "clone the application", we will click there and choose the application we want to clone, in this case WhatsApp, then the app will run its I automatically, we just have to wait.

    So, to get a third one, we can do the same, although we also have the option to access WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Business, since if we have three accounts on our mobile, it may not work optimally once done. we enter the cloned application that will appear in the app menu and we enter the phone number in the normal way as we have done previously.

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    Advantages and disadvantages of the WhatsApp app

    As every application has its pros and cons, among the positive things we have that WhatsApp allows us to communicate remotely , both with a private chat and with a group chat, obviously it's a super fast and safe app to use and immediate, even us to get WhatsApp for our PC.

    In its disadvantages we must consider the fact that some people can become somewhat addicted to the application, spending most of their time inside it, also with written messages you tend to have misunderstandings, so it is much better of the oral form or vocal notes .

    Alternative ways to have a double account without downloading anything

    If you are one of those people who do not trust too much that a third party has access to your WhatsApp account, for security and privacy reasons, we tell you that there is a last resort you can use to have two WhatsApp accounts on your terminal. .

    WhatsApp Business

    WhatsApp Business is a great alternative if you want to have two official WhatsApp apps installed , with all the support that developers can offer you through their security updates and improvements in their functions. This app is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises that manage their direct messaging with their customers, offers very interesting options to organize chats by type of customer, allows to offer products through its catalog and the easy location of the company through the your map

    But what interests us most about this useful application is that you can install it alongside the basic WhatsApp app without this posing any compatibility issue between the two, far from it. They can work perfectly together without any inconvenience. You just have to install them both and activate them by verifying them with two different phone numbers and voila, you will have two WhatsApp accounts totally independent of each other and with all access to official support, even without the need to install third-party applications.

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