How to use and place original spare parts in a clone cell or inexpensive replicas

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It is known that cloned cell phones and original cell phones have great similarities in appearance. However, they have different components that depend on the manufacturing company, so you need to know how to use and place original spare parts in a clone cell phone or cheap replicas.

    Cell clones

    Cell clones or generic devices they are devices that imitate or falsify an original model. Clone cell phones are generally cheaper and logically tend to perform less than the original models.

    It is common to observe cell phone clones of highly recognized brands in the market. Users of clone cell phones will notice that the performance of these devices is generally low, they don't have enough resources, they have little storage space, and their batteries are not of high quality.

    How to differentiate a clone cell from an original one?

    Typically, the software of a clone cell phone resembles that of an original cell phone. Pay attention to the material that makes up the clone cell phone and to the characteristics of the screen. In an original mobile phone, the screen is a key element in recognizing a fake. Also, you can know if the battery is original or generic.

    Another difference between cellular and original clones is in the storage capacity. In clone cell phones, the storage space is so low that it fills up with few applications. Also, you will notice that the performance is lower, so the device is slow. Price is another key factor and it is common to see cloned cell phones with very low cost .

    How to use and place original spare parts in a clone cell phone or cheap replicas

    If you own a clone phone or a cheap replica and want to take advantage of the features of the original replacements , then we recommend that you read the steps that we expose below.

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    Correctly identify your clone mobile

    First of all, it is It is essential to identify the type of clone cell you have. To achieve this, it is not enough just to know which model you are replicating, but it is also necessary to know particular data that will be relevant when looking for the spare part.

    Therefore, you will have to disassemble the device and look at the numbering on the LCD or on the touch connectors. This information will be very useful if your mobile screen no longer turns on or off. Typically, the numbering is printed on the back of the LCD flex or on the touch connector flex.

    Find spare parts for your clone cell phone

    Once identified i component codes of your device, you need to locate spare parts. To do this, log into the websites of online companies such as Aliexpress or DHGate and proceed to search for the components you need.

    Remember that clone cell phones are commonly made in China and only there can you find spare parts for your replica. Enter the model and the numbering of the piece and evaluate the product and the shipping costs.

    Can I use the battery of an original cellphone in a replica?

    It is important to note that the hardware of a clone cell phone is totally different from that of an original cell phone. Components such as boards and the processor they are usually of the MTK type and difficult to adapt.

    However, you should review the battery characteristics of your clone mobile phone and observe the size, shape and performance if you decide to adapt it to your device.

    Put the original spare parts in a clone cellphone

    The only original spare parts that you could easily adapt to a clone mobile phone are the tempered glass, the covers, the protectors, the batteries (in some cases) and the covers.

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    Other more delicate components such as the LCD screen o the touch sensor must be adapted by specialized personnel, as it requires expertise and the use of special tools to disassemble and install new components.

    Are the original cell phone parts compatible with clone cell phones?

    Eventually, you will be able to install a original spare part in your replica or clone phone. There is often no compatibility because Chinese companies that produce cloned cell phones use other parts that can hardly be replaced.

    For this reason, it is best to buy original cell phones and check if the terminal is genuine or fake so that you can easily get its spare parts in the future.

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