How to use and set up the Parental Control app on my Nintendo Switch

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The pandemic has made you realize a number of changes you have made in your life. This is general, because it does not only affect you, but also the little ones in the house, as they have no classes and cannot go out to play with their friends more often, spend more time indoors and therefore they seek entertainment.

Every child should play and it is no wonder that one becomes depressed if they cannot access an effective method of entertainment that can make them pay back their energies and leave them. vent on himself . If you have a child and are trying to distract them, video games are a great option. It is important to remember that Android has a list of educational game apps for kids.

    What is parental control? How can you help me?

    In case you want to restrict your child's access to video games, and this one by chance has one of the new Nintendo Switches, which the Japanese company has released with great sales and great reviews, you're in luck. This is because these consoles are made to allow parents to have great parental control settings.

    This is implied by the name of the procedure itself. They are a series of measures that parents can take in any adverse situation in which they see their child they are consuming content they don't want me to consume . Whether it's pornography, violence, or insensitive things, we need to make sure our children aren't exposed to these things at an early age.

    If a child does not consume this adult content found on the Internet, they are less likely to develop bad habits that affect them and their surroundings. Many times the devices we buy have one special section called Parental Control which is made precisely to avoid these scenarios.

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    First of all, it is important that you know that this app has several ways of being applied. Many people realize that it can be checked from the console, however, Nintendo created a parental control app which you can download via its Once downloaded, you must enter the same user you use on your Switch in this application, then that control can be established on your console.

    However, it is very important that you know that the best way to avoid harmful content is to know which applications you should download. That is why it is important that you read and inform yourself about the best Educational Apps for Adults, Teens and Children. The use of parental controls in these applications is almost nil, as the content is very safe.

    To assert itself, the App will show you a special code that you shouldn't show anyone. When this happens, you need to go to the configuration section of your Nintendo Switch. In this you can clearly see the "Parental Control" option. You have to select it. When you enter this menu you will see the option "Parental Control Settings".

    How can I use parental controls? Can I get a credential?

    When you are in setup, click on the "I have the app installed" button. This will show you a box where you can write the number that was given to you on your phone and thus be able to to establish quickly i Parental Control parameters .

    In case you want to use the app again, you'll need a way that kids won't have the ability to access parental controls and affect your controls. To use it, you will need to establish a security PIN that you will have to enter on your phone every time you want to access parental controls.

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    When you want to use it, you will realize that the main option that allows you, in addition to limiting some characteristics of the video game language, is to limit the playing time, and you can also remotely turn off the Switch . It is important to remember that it is also important to maintain control over social networks, by installing applications to restrict them, such as Facebook Messenger Kids, and thus to maintain cyber security on our children.

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