How to Use Chromecast and How to Connect to a Smart TV - Ultimate Guide

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On this occasion we will see how we can use Chromecast and connect it to a Smart TV. Chromecast is a device that there allows you to send videos, images and play applications to a TV via HDMI. It can also connect to the internet, so we can browse using a Chromecast.

This Google-designed device makes us take another approach to our TV by providing functions that the revitalize as a primary source of entertainment and on a big screen. While it is easy to install, some people may have a hard time doing it. That is why we will see how to install a Chromecast on our TV and everything related to this useful device.

What do I need to use third generation Chromecast?

To use the third generation Chromecast, there is no need for an additional element compared to the two previous generations . As with the other versions, we need:

  • Wifi connection.
  • Use a TV with HDMI input.
  • And mobile device with which to control the Chromecast.

How to set up Chromecast on any Smart TV?

To also access the configuration options of Chromecast, we need to connect it to a device, be it Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, etc. Once connected, we will have all the customization and configuration options available .

It is important to note that we must download the Google Home application , from there we proceed to connect the devices. And in case you don't have one, you need a Google account to use the Chromecast app

Steps to connect a Chromecast to your TV or Smart TV?

When you buy a Chromecast, it comes with an HDMI cable with which we can connect to our Smart TV . After connecting it, we proceed to enter the HDMI channel where it is available. Once this is done, he is ready, he has no greater science. Chromecast doesn't stop Smart TV and Smart TV doesn't stop Chromecast.

It is important to note that the Chromecasts do not receive power from HDMI, so we will have to place it in a place where we can connect them and receive energy with which they will work correctly.

Uses that can be given to the Chromecast

Having our TV ready with Chromecast installed, we can use it for a large number of tasks, from an alarm clock to a projector on our cell phone . Next, we will look at some of the more common uses they have and are in demand by Chromecast users.

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Manage weather information

At certain times of the year, we need to be informed about what the weather is like in our city. This information can be obtained on our TV with a Chromecast, knowing the weather forecast at all times .

Surveillance system

That's right, with a Chromecast we can adapt a surveillance system to you. To achieve this we need to get an application that allows us this, being one of the most popular TinyCam monitors. Applications like this are capable of to record video with any Android OS device with a camera and upload them to the cloud, as well as stream them to the TV they're connected to.

This way we can save money, as well as being a quick alternative if we can't wait for the security system to be installed and we need it.

Video game console

The fun of video games it is present on most devices , so the Chromecast can be no exception. Entering the Play Store, we find compatible games to play from the Chromecast.

Although many of these are solo, we can also choose to play with more people, turning our TV into a game amplification for Android .


Our TVs are usually in convenient places to act as alarm clocks, as well as help us not sleep too much while we have other things to do. To achieve this we have several applications, which using automatic ignition, activate the alarm we have programmed . Some apps even use strategies to wake us up healthier and more effectively.

Android screen projector

It is very likely that when you are in control of your TV from your phone, you think you are reproducing what goes on in there. And it's possible thanks to the 'Send screen' option with which we can see on the big screen what happens on our smallest device.

It can be useful to see photos of a trip or an event, watch videos of applications that we can only use with the phone, or just expand for a while what we see on our phone.

Text document reader

Finally, among the other uses we can give to our Chromecast, is that of a text reader. Our TV screen is ideal for people like us who love to read, so why not take advantage of it? With this, there are apps that you allow you to read books and scan PDFs with a Chromecast .

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Can I connect my Chromecast without having Wi-Fi or Internet?

We unquestionably need the Internet, but we can "fool" our Chromecast. To apply this, we must use a mobile phone, from which we can activate a portable Wi-Fi network . Unlike a conventional Wi-Fi network, in this one we will use our telephone data to connect to the Internet. In addition to this trick, the Chromecast necessarily needs Internet and Wifi.

Chromecast compatible apps

Most applications compatible with a Chromecast tends to focus on audiovisual entertainment , having apps like Netflix, HBO GO, YouTube, Google Photos, etc.

In addition to these applications to consume content in video format, we can use the Chrome browser for go to other pages and use more apps online . To be one hundred percent sure, we recommend that you check the Play Store for applications, so that you discard some and add others that may perform their function.

How to use Chromecast to view weather information?

Basically, Chromecast allows you to send information from one device to another, providing endless functions like watching any video or photo that is on your PC, on Chromecast. To view the information you need, you can do so using the remote control offered by the new versions of Chromecast.

First click at the top of the screen to view your profile sections. Once there, press the notification panel, then go to the settings, within this you have to look for the "System" option, when you do, a new menu appears in which you will need to click on "Ambient Mode".

When you select this option, look for the box that says 'Climate' , upon entering you will have the unit of measurement for the temperature, this is done to choose how you want this information to appear on the screen.

Then go back to the Ambient Mode window and hit the section that says "Start now", when finished you will be able to see the weather information on the screen saver. If you don't have the remote, don't worry you can perform this process from your PC or phone as well, you'll just have to configure these devices to be able to do it.

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Other ways to add weather information with Chromecast

Also, if you prefer to choose another method to add the information you need, you will need to install the application "Google Home" on your mobile. Once you have it, you will need to enter the Chromecast settings, which are located on the home page of that application, now search for the device with which you want to change the ambient mode.

Look at the icon that corresponds to it, open it to be able to enter its settings. Upon entering, look for Ambient Mode and the climate option again to be able to change the unit of measurement and voila. On the other hand, you can ask google for weather information , if you already have the Google Home application downloaded, you can ask to give an information service via voice commands.

To request this information you must make sure that you have correctly paired the device as we said above, after that you can start the specific questions , some of these are What's the weather like? By doing so, you will be replied to the weather status of the place where you are, Will it rain tomorrow ?, among others.

You can also install the 'Dashboard Cast' application on your mobile , with this you can use widgets which are made to have a large size which makes them look very good on the TV, to do this you will only have to configure as you wish, then press or "Cast" and cast the output of the app to the screen with Chromecast.

Tricks to use the best Chromecast features

Many users do not know all the advantages that this device offers, one of them is that you can turn it into a Karaoke, this is a very fun option that you can try with your friends. You can also enter different user accounts, as this allows it without any problem.

On the other hand, it allows you to join the control knob via Bluetooth , this will mainly help you to play any game, it also offers a collection of games that you can use. You can also get new apps because it offers a large catalog of apps for its customers.

Also, if you have surveillance cameras in the house, you can observe what is happening through it, to do it you just have to connect the cameras to be able to observe them.

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