How to use Facebook to find free WiFi on your mobile

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A new feature of Facebook, which will allow us to connect to a WIFI network which is in our vicinity. For this reason it is common to ask how can I find WiFi using the new Facebook feature on my mobile? You should know that this is something really easy and you will only have to update your app.

Companies are constantly updating their applications in order to add new functions. This way they can stay on the market much longer. Facebook knows this and has always been known for innovating its products. So currently you can also do pre-scheduled publications, that way you don't even have to be there.

Where to find the Facebook WiFi function on the mobile?

use this tool , you should know that you will need to have the internet via a mobile network. Because the location of our device is used to carry out the search; This new tool works in a very simple way, once activated it starts locating the Internet networks that are close to us.

So we will be shown both public networks, such as canteens or shops. In addition to showing us how far we are from the network and how we can get there to try to connect. You can search from any operator, so it doesn't matter if you use a 4G or 3G network, the only difference will be how fast it works.

The first thing you should do is go to the app and wait for it to finish loading. Then you will have to go to the section to make the settings; which is usually on the right side, once here we will have to scroll to the end of the list and search access to find WIFI. If we click on it we will notice that it only gives us the option to activate it.

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Then a what we will do is activate it , and in this way it will begin to triangulate our position. With this the service will be active and without problems. In case you don't see this shortcut anywhere, it means you don't have the latest version of Facebook, so you'll need to update it in order to use this tool.

Find free and public WiFi networks with Facebook

Smartphones are generally characterized by having multiple functions. Among them is the ability to connect to the Internet via WIFI. However, if we are away from home, it can be difficult to find a network to connect to. In addition to the fact that the receiver of our telephone it does not have enough power to catch networks at a great distance.

Motivated by this, this tool was implemented, which allows us to locate nearby networks, using our location. Thus allowing you to connect to the Internet even without being at home. Today we show you how to do it correctly if you have an iPhone or Android.

with iOS

Searching for free WiFi networks from iPhone is easy, you just have to log into the application and go to the icon with three horizontal stripes and where it says Explore, hit where it says Search WiFi. Once this is done, you will need to grant Facebook permission to enter your location history.

One of the negative points this tool may have is that it needs to know our position at all times. So if we don't have a top range phone , we will notice that the battery drains much faster.

This can be a crucial disadvantage for many, because it is more important to keep the mobile on, in these cases we can always alternate between switching the position on and off, in this way we will use the service only when we want.

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With Android

With Android it is practically the same procedure, you have to access the App and then the settings to click Search WiFi. It should be noted that if you don't give Facebook permission to see your location history, the search for networks will be in vain.

Furthermore, it is important to activate the position on your Android device so that you can view the list of WiFi networks available to you.

How to use the Facebook function to find Wi-Fi networks

The best way to take advantage of this new utility is to promote your business. Since if you establish your WIFI network as available for this app, the your potential customers will arrive at the establishment , so it will serve as a type of indirect advertising.

To access it, do not you have to do is create an account on the social network . Best of all, this is on behalf of your business so they can quickly see it when they do a search. If you try to join, you just need to have your account and a phone or computer to be able to establish your network as free.

If you don't want to make great efforts, you can restart your router , in this way it will not have any password and you will be able to access it completely free of charge. This way it will be recognized by the app and will start advertising you.

In the case of people who just want to access this feature to easily search for WiFi networks, it is You need to follow some recommendations to use the application correctly and we will tell you what they are.

Activate floating position

If you want find WiFi networks with Facebook for free , it is very important that your location is activated. So make sure you access it by entering your mobile settings to see if Facebook has the necessary permission to access it.

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Go to the profile in the application

The profile in the Facebook application is very easy to find, just look at the icon it has three horizontal bars to enter.

Find the "Search for WiFi" option

Now that you have identified yourself in the application profile, you should start looking for an alternative that says Search for WiFi. Through this feature, we can start see the list of available options which are close to our position.

View nearby WiFi networks

Through the App you will be able to appreciate a small map that contains all the WiFi networks available, be they restaurants, businesses, bars, etc. To find out which ones you can access, you have to look at the pink circle surrounding them on said map.

Likewise, the application has several options for sorting the available WiFi networks, so you can choose to view them as a list with their details; or even with the characteristic pink circle we have already talked about.

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