How to use form controls to create a budget sheet in Excel

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You should know that to make a budget it is not necessary to buy any programs or download an application, since in the packages of Microsoft Windows, which our PC has, comes a powerful tool - Excel. This will help us create forms to enter data in an easy and practical way.

The budget is the first step to a successful future. So your main goal should be to create a very comprehensive execution plan. Excel will be your best ally, it will make your work much easier and more bearable.

How to use form controls to create a budget sheet in Excel

It is a very practical tool to use in your work or to manage the resources of your home in the safest way. Next, we will explain how to use form controls to create a budget sheet in minutes.

Before you start creating your budget, you need to go through the following steps above:

  1. Check if the "Developer" option is enabled in the Excel toolbar.
  2. If you do not have the ¨Developer¨ active, you must: Go to the toolbar, click on the right button, press ¨Customize bar¨, locate the available command and activate the ¨Developer¨.

Use the forms and create your budget sheet

From this moment you will create your budget sheet, including the marking of the cell with a specific color, where it will copy or write the data and thus be able to identify them. So carefully apply the instructions you will read and you will get the best results:

  1. Create the database with the parameters you need.
  2. Create a module by selecting "Developer". You will have several options for working with form controls. You'll find these boxes: check boxes, numeric controls, combo boxes, and radio buttons, among other possibilities.
  3. Once you have defined the table of values, choose the different functions in which the calculations will be performed.
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With these steps you will be able to use the commands needed to use the combo box tool, which will allow you to locate the data in a smaller space. If you have a business, you will already know that i budgets are essential to offer a quality service . What you will read next will be very useful.

Tips for your first budget worksheet prepared with Excel

Thanks to this Office tool we can create a budget sheet by calculating and taking the general average with formulas. Then carefully consider these steps to create the budget sheet:

  • Add the values ‚Äč‚Äčor costs. In the ¬®Total¬® cell, you need to enter this formula: = (cell of value 1) + (cell of value 2). For example: = (D14) + (D18).
  • Discount offer . This has only two cases: true (percentage discount awarded) or false (total cost). It could be put in a cell before the partial. The formula to enter in the cell that returns the final totals would be: = YES (assigned cell = TRUE; cell¬®x¬®-cell¬®x¬® * 25%; cell¬®x¬®).
  • For example: = IF (E10 = TRUE; D22-D22 * 25%; D22). With this data, you will calculate the total cost if it is without a discount, or the total with a discount.

If you want to add more information to the form and increase the general data, there is another strategy which you can use to make your budget as large as possible. You will need this formula: = INDEX (array, row_num, [column_num]).

To use this formula correctly, you will need to write: = INDEX and, in brackets, the matrix, where all the cells in which you have saved the customer database are present.

To find the row number, collect all the data selected for linking the cells. Finally, for the column number, change the number where your customers' addresses are located.

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It remains only to repeat the procedure for the phones and any other information that you want to include in your balance sheet. You are now able to provide a detailed report to your clients with which they can clearly see where they will invest their money.

Also, you will earn a good reputation and admiration if you consolidate Excel data from multiple sheets into one , thanks to this organization and commitment you will manage your business better . If you're not an Excel expert, don't despair. With practice and some basic knowledge, you will be able to create the best budget sheets.

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