How to use Google Datally app to save mobile data on Android

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Google Datally is an application that has been running since 2017. It wasn't that well known at the time, but now that time has passed and people have seen its function, it is a widely used App .

Now you may be very curious about how such an app works and what advantages does it offer you . Well, in this article we will show you the benefits of such an app and teach you how to activate it so that you can learn how to use it and see how good it is.


    What advantages does Google Datally offer?

    Google Datally is a tool of mobile data backup . Google created this App because in some countries mobile data service is very expensive. And because of this, people don't always have the money to pay the messenger provider.

    Rather, he only has money for essential things like buying food and paying for utilities. Now, thanks to Google Datally you'll be able to save your mobile data and it's possible it's time to top up or pay your messenger provider and you still have a balance.

    How does Google Datally work?

    Google Datally works in a simple way, it only takes care of the data limitation to applications that are not being used. And proceeds to divert data consumption only to the applications that are used.

    So blocking background apps from accessing mobile data saves a lot of money. In Google Datally, you will be able to select which applications can access mobile data without any restrictions and which ones will stop consuming while they are in the background.

    How to install or activate Google Datally?

    The Android operating system has always been very well associated to the Google industry . That's why Google apps are always built into Android devices. If you have an Android device, you may already have the Google Datally app.

    To find out if you have it or not, go to settings, then applications and there you will see the list of applications of your device. Search one by one to see if Google Datally was found . Or if you don't use the search engine by entering the word "Datally".

    If you find that the application is definitely deactivated, to activate it, simply press it and then select "Activate" and it will be activated immediately.

    Now, in case your device does not have it built in, look for the app Google Datally . Proceed with the download and wait for it to install on your device.

    If you don't have space to download such an app, you can delete the pre-installed apps that you don't use. And so free one large amount of space on your mobile. However, since you have already installed the application, proceed to open it.

    When you open it, it will ask you to give it access to your mobile data . There you will need to provide such a request. By allowing it access to your data, Google Datally will start scanning your phone immediately.

    In such a scanner, you will be able to check which apps are consuming the most data and how much mobile data has been spent till that day. Anyway, once inside the application you can activate something called " Save mobile data ".

    You need to activate this option and when you activate it, the Google Datally application will ensure that the mobile data connection take place via a VPN. This will block all outgoing mobile data.

    Then, you will manually remove the data restriction from each application and you will leave the applications you use the most, such as WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram, without the block.

    In case the Google Datally app makes your mobile a little slow, we recommend that you perform a hard reset and then the application cache data will be deleted and your mobile will take off. But before to perform the Hard Reset you need to make a backup of your personal data to secure your data.

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