How to use hidden or secret chat commands in Skype

Skype chat has some tricks up its sleeve, which are unknown to many of its users. They are secret commands that place the application on top of others similar platforms as they allow instant access to data and perform an action with a sentence.

    Chat commands hidden in Skype

    This list of commands can make your life easier when using Skype. Some work on specific chats, such as group chats. Operation will depend on the Skype version that you have installed on your PC. Some of these commands don't work in the mobile version of Skype.

    All commands start with a forward slash (/) in the chat. As soon as you place the bar in the text box, a pop-up window appears for you to use the commands.

    List of secret commands in Skype

    • / me [text]: the running this command sends a message with your name at the beginning followed by the text you enter. It is usually used to enter a quick status in the chat.
    • / poll [title], [option1], [option2], [option3]: command used to create a survey. Each poll option is placed after the poll command and separated by a comma.
    • / to leave: leave a chat.
    • /showmembers: counts the members of a chat.
    • / setrole [Skype Name] [Administrator / User]: this command is valid for group conversations and is used to establish administrator or user roles within a chat. All users are group administrators, unless it is a moderated chat.
    • /golive: used to initiate a group call. Valid for group chats.
    • / version: know what is the current version of Skype you have installed.
    • / addreactions [emoticon name]: used to add new emoticons to the expression selector
    • / removereaction [nome emoticon]: removes an emoticon from the expression selector.
    • / kickban [username]: hunt one of the members from a group chat. This command is used in a moderated chat and can be run by the administrator. Once a member has been removed, they cannot be rejoined.
    • / setbanlist (+) (-) [username]: allows you to change which members are kicked out of a moderated chat or not.
    • /getbanlist: shows the administrator of a moderated group the list of all users who have been banned from chat.
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    Keyboard shortcuts that work in Skype

    Another way Skype allows us to perform quick keyboard actions , within the application is via keyboard shortcuts. With the combination of two or three letters you can hang up a call or exit the application.

    Key combination

    • Ctrl+S: take a snapshot of the application.
    • Ctrl + comma (,): access the Skype settings.

    • CTRL+M: enable or disable the mute option.
    • Ctrl+E: ends a call.
    • Ctrl + Maiusc + P: answer or initiate an incoming call.
    • Ctrl+O: this command will be used to post comments.
    • Ctrl+H: opens the Skype online help center in a browser.
    • Ctrl + Maiusc + T: enable or disable dark mode
    • Ctrl+T: opens the theme settings.
    • Alt+1: view recent conversations.
    • Ctrl+I: review notifications.
    • Ctrl + Maiusc + S: shows all contacts available in the application, as well as bots and messages.
    • Ctrl+Tab: view the previous conversation.
    • Ctrl + Maiusc + Tab: view the next conversation.
    • Ctrl + plus sign (+): zoom on the letters of the chat.
    • Ctrl + minus sign (-): remove letters from the chat.
    • Ctrl + zero (0): view chat size at standard size.
    • CTRL+N: opens a new chat.
    • Ctrl+G: create a new group chat.
    • Ctrl+P: view the current conversation profile.
    • Ctrl + Shift + A: add a new user to the chat.
    • Ctrl + Maiusc + F: attach and send a file.
    • Ctrl + Maiusc + G: opens the image gallery.
    • Ctrl + Shift + E: archive a chat.
    • Ctrl + Maiusc + K: make a video call. It is also used to enable or disable the camera.
    • Ctrl+R: closes the application.
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