How to use Jitsi Meet on mobile to hold free video conferences

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Video calls are one of the most used methods to communicate today and there are many apps that allow you to do it. So if you are looking for an app or tool that allows you to video conference for free, the best option is to use Jitsi Meet.

This amazing application will let you will allow you to make video calls quickly and simple, offering you many advantages over others of its kind. So, if you want to know how to use it, we invite you to read our article where we show it to you.

      What is Jitsi Meet?

      It's a system that provides you with a variety of tools and open code that allow you to hold video conferences. This is a project supported by the Atlassian company which is known to be a software development company.

      This tool is totally free and you can use it on your computer, smartphone or tablet to make video calls with the people you want via the Internet. And best of all, you don't need to download any applications or even an account as you can use it directly from their website.

      In these times when this video conferencing method is used more, it is common for people to worry about their privacy. They must be sure that the application they will be using does not share the data provided to create an account.

      Talking specifically about this aspect, Jitsi offers you to maximize the privacy in your conversations. It is true that by default it does not have these tools but it allows you to increase it if you wish.

      We say this because communications in Jitsi Meet are not fully encrypted because the server they are hosted on is decrypted. But since this is an open source page, you can always be the one who owns the hosting server.

      Another feature to take into consideration is that your website uses Google Analytics, so your data can be sent to Google without your knowledge. But you can avoid that if you wish by using code provided by the developers themselves to keep your conversations as private as possible.

      Another advantage of this tool is that it doesn't have a limit on the number of people that can connect, so you can call as many people as you want, or your internet signal allows.

      Also, Jitsi Meet is very easy to use. You simply go to the web and search for the conference room to join or create one. If you plan to use it on your smartphone, you just have to open the App and enter the conference or, as we said before, create one without having to create an account and above all it has advanced functions.

      How to use Jitsi Meets to hold video conferences?

      As we told you before, this service is quite simple. If you plan to use your PC for video conferencing, you simply need to go to the Jitsi Meet main page.

      Already inside the official page , you just have to enter the name of the conference you want to join and click on Or. This way you will be able to join the conversation automatically and if that name does not exist, otherwise you will just create it, enter the name, the conference will be created automatically and you will join.

      Obviously, before entering the web, a window will open asking you for permission to use your microphone and webcam, so you will have to click on Allow , otherwise you will not be able to make any video calls. Sometimes certain errors occur when turning camera on or off on Mac.

      When you are inside the video call, you will be able to see at the top the name of the room and how long the conference has been going on, you will also see different options so you can have a better experience. We will explain them below:

      The options found on the sides are so you can ask for a turn to talk, share your desktop and it also allows you to open a text chat. You will also find within the interface options to mute the microphone, camera or hang up.

      You'll also be able to see icons that allow you to change your screen view, see conference information as a link, and you'll be able to see three spots where more options are displayed.

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