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Undoubtedly today the keyboards are extremely necessary to make transcriptions or documents at some point, providing us with great ease, handling and convenience in use, and not only the wired keyboards are enough, but also the innovation of installing bluetooth keyboards on tablets or PCs, which are mostly comfortable thanks to their remote use and obviously on the move.

But as many of us know, the keyboards contain shortcuts that we can use for various functions instead of using the mouse or mouse, the option to learn keyboard secrets is much easier for everyone.

That's why having a keyboard is of the utmost importance, as when our mouse gets damaged or just doesn't work when we don't need to perform any action, we have the second tool which is our keyboard, so we need to know its uses within the world of computing in Worldwide.

In this article we will explain how select a text to copy and paste using keyboard shortcuts on my PC. So that it facilitates all your activities where you require these actions. Well, you can do them in a much easier way.

What are computer shortcuts for and why should you know them?

Every day we spend hours and hours in front of a computer or PC screen, but sometimes we have thought about it how to work more smoothly and efficiently, because the answer is very simple, knowing some shortcuts on our keyboard, all the Activities and activities we will do will become much easier.

What is the shortcut for selecting a complete text on the PC?

The shortcuts for the texts on the PC allow us to work quickly and comfortably, among the most useful we have a combination that will allow us to select the text without using the mouse or the touchpad, you just have to click on the document and press the keys Ctrl + E and voila, all the text in your document will have been selected.

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Select all text in a PDF

The easiest way to select all text in a PDF is to click anywhere and then press i tasti Ctrl + A in Windows, if you have a Mac you will have to press Command + A and in this way you will have all the text of the selected document.

Select all text from Google Docs

Selecting text becomes a useful option when you want to change the font, justify a text or copy it, just click anywhere in the document and press the tasti Ctrl + A and voila, you will have selected all the text in a simple and practical way.

How to select parts of text or non-contiguous text

In order to select parts of a text that are not contiguous we must use both the mouse and the PC keyboard, the first thing you need to do is select the first item you need with the mouse, then you have to press and hold the Ctrl key and then with the mouse select the next item you want.

Useful and common key combinations

There are key combinations that help us to facilitate the work on our PC and execute them more quickly and efficiently, among them we have:

  • Alt + Tab which will allow us to preview the open windows and select one.
  • Win + Tab it will show us all the documents that have been recently opened on your PC and gives you the possibility to generate new desktops and to sort and switch programs between different desktops.
  • Win + ↓ minimizes the window you are using.
  • Win + ↑ maximize the window you are using.
  • Win + ← o → it allows us to move the window to the left or right of the screen and to be able to work in two windows more comfortably.
  • Alt + Space opens the menu of the window you are using without using the mouse.

Thanks to these shortcuts we will be able to work more comfortably and speed up the activities carried out on your computer.

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Cut out

If you want to cut text or images in a document or file, you just need to select what you want to cut and then press i tasti Ctrl + X for Windows e Command + X per Mac .


As we know at some point in our life during our activities we had to select, copy and paste texts into various tools or platforms, which is why it is pertinent to know how to do it directly with the use of the keyboard.

To copy the text, we use the 'ctrl + c' keys and quickly and directly the text we have previously selected it will be automatically copied in our notes so that we can later place it wherever we want.

To take

To paste, it is very simple, we press the keys 'ctrl + v' and the function will be executed immediately, this is not possible only in documents, but also in the pages you searched for in our browsers, such as Google Chrome in your latest version or Firefox.

The most common shortcuts that will be very useful to you

There are common shortcuts used to facilitate the work we do in document programs, it is important to know how to use them to carry out our activities more effectively, some of the most used are:

There is also 'ctrl + x' which means 'cut', in the same way it is used to undo, in documents, being an easier way to check what we are doing right now in our project.

We have 'ctrl + d' which performs the function of 'move to trash', being a very immediate alternative to delete any images or files that we want to be on our computer already.

To select a text what we have to do is press the keys 'ctrl + e' this will select the text or document that we want, as long as we are in the file of course.

One of the most used by users is the 'F6' key which is based on the movements through files or the elements we have on the screen, this supplanting the use of the mouse or the mouse and allowing a more innovative tool to do so. .

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Similarly, 'F5' allows us to 'update' what we are doing on the screen, improving speed and operation of the equipment, and of course also its performance

Ctrl + Z is used for Undo

Among the shortcuts in its general and most pertinent uses, we have, 'ctrl + z' this command is used when we are going to 'undo' more than anything else it is used in Word documents or another program.

Ctrl + Y used for Redo

If for some reason you have deleted an action in the text that you wanted to keep, don't worry you just have to press i tasti Ctrl + Y , you can redo what you deleted quickly and easily.

With Alt + TAB you can quickly switch between windows

This shortcut is very useful, since it will allow us to quickly switch from one window to another without using the mouse and clicking, for this we only have to hold down the key Other and then with the key TAB let's select the window you want to access.

Shift + End To select to the end of the cursor line

This combination or shortcut will allow us to select in a text up to the end of the line, you just have to place the cursor in the starting position and then press Shift + End to bring it to the end of the text line.

Advantages of using the different keyboard shortcuts

One of the biggest benefits is that we will have greater efficiency while performing any action, once we learn how to use them we realize that it is much more practical than using the mouse, although it is also possible to install a mouse and keyboard on mobile phones, for better comfort while performing of various functions.

Learning them by heart is very simple, since we can know the positions of the letters that do not change on any keyboard, that is, the letters are in the same place, the which generates a greater advantage.

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