How to use links in Windows 10 to open Google Chrome browser

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If you are an active Chrome user and you need higher speed when working and wondering, how can I use shortcuts in Windows 10 to open Google Chrome ? Well, we will very quickly explain the steps to follow.

Undoubtedly one of the most popular and used browsers today is Google Chrome, having millions of users in its portfolio they use daily as their main browser.

In addition to incorporating a large number of utilities, which make it suitable for all types of users. One of its most recent innovations was Chrome's new dark mode, which seeks to protect the eyes of users who they use the browser at night.

    What are Windows shortcuts or shortcuts?

    Shortcuts are shortened ways to perform tasks, in this way we can reduce the time it takes to perform a process, thus improving productivity when using the computer. These shortcuts can be used for almost any application, although some have their own.

    What are Windows shortcuts for?

    Using Windows, we can access a wide variety of these tools. Since this operating system has so many options, it is sometimes easier to access them via a shortcut. As we have seen above, in case you want to open our browser quickly. We have the possibility to assign our key combination to it and we don't depend on a default.

    In this way, each user can adapt his keyboard to how it is easier and more comfortable for him. While not strictly necessary for this procedure, it never hurts to keep your Chrome browser up to date. So long as older versions may be incompatible with certain shortcuts , simply because they weren't added yet when these versions were made.

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    Advantages of shortcuts

    How to create a shortcut to open Google Chrome

    To be able to open our browser with a shortcut, it is enough to assign it a set of keys. This is done via the shortcut that is created on the desktop once the program is installed. The process is really easy and simple and we won't need our keyboard and mouse anymore to make the adjustment.

    Something you should keep in mind is which key combination you will choose for this process. Since once finished, the browser will open when we press them. Actually you can choose any combination , it should be easy so that it is not difficult for you to use them.

    First of all, we need to find the link , which is why we normally open the program. Then we will right click and in the list we need to mark the properties tab. With this, a small window will open in which we will see the program information. If you look there is a section that says 'shortcut'. Then we have to click on this part and mark the combination we want on the keyboard.

    Then all that remains is to click accept and we will have this shortcut ready. We can check that everything is fine by executing the key combination. If for some reason you notice that Chrome won't start, you may have mislabeled the keys.

    Create link to Google Chrome

    Shortcuts to control Google Chrome

    Google Chrome is usually a very practical and optimized browser, so there is usually no difficulty in accessing our websites. However, there are some tricks they can speed up the speed of Chrome to perform tasks like opening new tabs or closing them.

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    Combination with the mouse

    Switch tabs with the keyboard

    Among these we have the ability to go back and forth between tabs with the help of the arrow keys keyboard. If we have opened a website and want to go back without using the mouse. Just press the Alt key followed by the left arrow key. And vice versa, if we press the right arrow key, we will return to the page.

    Another shortcut we have is if we press the key combination "Ctrl" plus "W" we will automatically close the tab we are in at that moment, and vice versa if instead of pressing the "W" key we press the "T" key, a new tab will open. If what we want is to work in a new window, we have to press the 'N' key at the same time as Ctrl.

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