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One of the most used programs today to direct and record the screen of our computer is OBS. Using OBS to make direct on Facebook stands out for having an easy-to-use interface so that anyone can use it, however, it requires some minimum requirements to use it optimally and correctly.

    What is OBS Studio

    This application allows real-time capture of video sources as well as compositions of scenes and broadcasts. Works with the Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) in so you can upload broadcasts to various platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

    OBS has a tool for mix audio with predefined filters. Likewise, you can make changes to the video such as color corrections, color masks, and chroma adjustments. This tool is for and supported on all operating systems such as Linux, Windows or Mac.

    Open Broadcaster Software or OBS is open source software used to broadcast video. It works on digital platforms like Twitch or Facebook in a complete and simple way for all audiences, this is more aimed at the game than normally a common live show because OBS works as a means of screen capture rather than as a webcam transmitter.

    Among the functions of OBS we have the use of scenes, mixers, sources, transitions and retransmission options. So we have a complete program to be able to transmit what we want on our computer in a well done way, but with some minimal inconvenience in terms of configuration because it must be optimal.

    What is needed to do a live broadcast

    If you are going to use OBS to go live on Facebook or live, you need to have a few things in order for everything to work properly. This way, you make sure your broadcasts are displayed with a high quality in both audio and video. For this, in this OBS guide to live on Facebook we will tell you everything you need to do broadcasts or live.

    These requirements have to do with the functioning of the computer. For example, the speed of the Internet connection you have or the characteristics of the memories and the capacity of your computer.

    Internet speed

    Internet speed is key when it comes to directing on Facebook or any other platform. Since the better the internet, the better the broadcast will be, since it will flow constantly . Conversely, if the Internet is slow, there may be interruptions in the transmission during the recording and the conversation.

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    Likewise, the picture and audio can be distorted, causing a reduction in quality and misunderstanding of your message. Using OBS to direct on Facebook, it is recommended that you have an Internet speed greater than 6MB.

    Hardware and components

    The other factors that interfere with good transmission have to do with the hardware components of the pc. To use the OBS tool effectively to direct on Facebook, you shouldn't have low-income speeches.
    Likewise, in order for everything to go smoothly, you must take care to maintain the resolution of the camera. This resolution can be kept at 720p at 30 frames per second, although you can normally shoot live at 480p.

    How to do a live broadcast with OBS

    To do live broadcasts with the tool, you need to do a few things before you begin. These things are the page and camera settings for everything to work properly. In this sense, you should watch the resolution, type of audio and effects . Furthermore, the ideal is that the computer does not have few resources.

    When we refer to scarce resources in OBS we are talking about a computer with resources of 2 GB of RAM or running without a video card , which is usually the most important thing when doing a live, with enough RAM and graphics card capacity so that the scene we are about to broadcast can run without any delay.


    When using OBS to stream on Facebook, you need to make some preliminary settings. First you have to install the transmitting software on your computer, then you need to look for the output section. In it, you have to choose the simple mode and set the Bitrate below 2000 kilobits.

    Next, in the video part, you need to set the resolution at 720x480 in so that it can be seen correctly. The general values ​​should not be changed, it is better to keep them as the application puts them.

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    For the webcam to work, you need to create a scene in the container part of the scene. So in the source container, add camera by clicking + and then you have to center the camera.

    After this, you need to do the audio settings in the audio section. This part shows the devices recognized by the PC from which the audio comes out. Choose the microphone previously connected with USB cable. To finish and know that the microphone was well connected, you should see in the part of the mixer that the bar is green.

    Streaming via OBS on Facebook and YouTube

    As we mentioned, you can use OBS to direct from Facebook and also on YouTube. Then, after making the settings, you can start doing it live.

    To cast on the Facebook page or account, you just need to go to the videos. Then, an option called video library will appear which you will enter and then you will enter the Live section and a window will appear as an example. Then, by hitting Next, you can get started.

    Let's go to the Facebook live address where there are a number of options to stream our scene and set it up. We titled our live show and put a footer in the comments.

    The streaming key that we will use in our live show is the direction the OBS will take to broadcast. You can enable a permanent streaming key so that it doesn't change when the stream closes.

    Let's go to OBS and go to the configuration where they say the adjustments, here we will indicate in which platform we will do directly. Therefore let's select Facebook Live in the stream key, we will copy and paste the Facebook one and place it in the OBS with the key you provided.

    Next, we direct the cursor on the output module and configure it in advanced to have the advanced settings. Let's go to Video where we will select the maximum as canvas, the output resolution that we put in HD in 720p a 3 fps.

    We deselect the escalation modification in the output and in the control of the CBR frequency and 4000kbps bitrate . Then we create and select game capture and in this way the OBS detects the game window we have opened, once this is done, all that remains is to transmit on Facebook Live without closing the OBS .

    To broadcast on YouTube, it's similar, you just need to open the YouTube page and go on the camera button . Once there, go through the process as if you were going to broadcast from your channel until the link and copies appear in OBS.

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    How to put a chat on Facebook from OBS

    We must take into consideration that our computer will be at the limit during transmission because it not only consumes processor, RAM and graphics card but it will also depend on the speed of our internet, it is advisable to do a direct with an internet of how much minimum 6mb per second because if it is lower then a low latency would affect our live.

    It is recommended that you use a computer with good resources for this type of thing because they end up wearing down the life of a computer very quickly, both the graphics and the disk are used constantly at the time of a live, thus causing a half or half failure in the long term, so we recommend that you also buy a graphics card of at least 1GB in order to free up the use of the processor and RAM memory.

    First you need to log into the control panel or creator on Facebook to start this process. So, open up normally a Facebook chat e press the button that puts the chat in a pop-up window. This is a box with a diagonal arrow.

    This creates a new window with the previous chat and what you need to do is copy the link or address . Next, open OBS and click View, then Panels and finally Custom Navigation Panels. A new window opens in which you will create a name and paste the previous link.

    Finally, we click on apply and this starts Facebook, where you have to enter your account and password. After that the chat will open from OBS.

    How to improve online broadcasts

    When you use OBS to direct from Facebook or YouTube, you have a chance to make things better as you stream. you can do it turning up the volume of the microphone, adding effects to your voice or image.
    Likewise, you can also improve the resolution of the image, the brightness and add special effects. All this while you keep talking to your followers or playing games. You just have to go to the settings, audio or video and do the best you think necessary.

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