How to use or link my Google or Gmail account on two or more Android phones or iPhones at the same time

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When it comes to keeping our documents, files, images or videos safe, what better option than to use or employ platforms with a fully verified security code and of course all saved with a unique password.

This gives us more confidence when we archive these formats , as well as documents of any kind, we will be totally sure they are in the right place.

We focus on the platforms to send and receive e-mails, it is the best option to use, from there we can of course interact with other people, taking into account that it has not only this, but also instruments and options multiple and diverse when we enter them.

There are quantities, but the best in terms of quality, reliability and efficiency is undoubtedly Gmail, when we use this tool we approach a whole environment of specific functions and easy to use, obviously for better news it is a totally free application for users.

In this article we will tell you about Gmail. More specifically, about how use or link my Google or Gmail account on two or more phones Android or iPhone at the same time. As many people are unaware of this possibility and therefore limit its use.

Is it possible to use my Gmail or Google account on two or more mobiles at the same time?

This is a very common question among users of the Gmail tool, since if at any given time we are away from home or we don't have our mobile device close at hand and we need to access the platform, we can do it easily and quickly.

The best is that they do not charge us any costs or interest, the first thing we need to do is enter the '' Gmail '' app and press on it and the start will appear, at the top left we are With the "main menu", we click there and then at the end of the slash we have the "configuration" option.

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After that compare l' `` add account '' option , we press there and we must indicate to which company our email belongs, in this case we associate it with '' Gmail - Google '' and we will have a pop-up warning of "information verification" we must wait a few minutes.

They ask us for the security pattern to verify that we are , and then they ask us to enter our `` email '' and associate it, then enter our password and that's it, we have our account open and in the same way from one account to another.

What is Gmail? What are their characteristics?

It is an "electronic mail" platform through Google available in all parts of the world and therefore a great variety of languages, we can use it via computer or mobile phone depending on our case or our preferences.

It should be noted that became a favorite in a very short time , since its launch, Gmail has made known its specific purpose and its characteristics of use, so from the beginning it has assured us that it was a promising platform.

At first, Gmail only had 1GB of available memory, it was low, so as time went on it gave us good news allowing it to be 15GB , it has outgoing and incoming mail, which makes it easier for us to find our emails immediately. it is characterized by having totally aesthetically designed option panels so that the user can use them immediately.

Basic functionality of Gmail

Gmail has become the most powerful under each appearance, as it has a wide variety of functional features such as converting email to PDF, as well as a search bar, which makes it easy for us to search old or recent emails in a very fast way. In addition to having added a chat within its menu called "Hangouts", where we can interact with active users at the moment and add contacts.

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A few years ago it launched the option of customize our mail in the main tray , allowing us to place background images of our preference to make usage much more creative and aesthetic at the same time.

One of your best options is that the its applications are available for download and configurations on any mobile that contains operating systems iOS or Android and others in the field of systems, so if you don't have an account, create one now!

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