How to use or use my mobile as a remote control to turn my TV on or off

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It is very common for the TV control to simply deteriorate. An inconvenience that can leave this connector prototype destroyed until it can be restored, because of this knowledge it is a good idea to establish the phone as a remote control to the TV, it is so convenient reset the TV software and also other electronic devices. If you don't know how to innovate, keep asking.

Surely you are wondering how will I connect my phone to my TV? This is possible thanks to the sciences a infrared apply that your phone sends. This technology had been discontinued starting in the 2000s.

    How to turn off the TV with the mobile phone?

    The first thing you should do for turn a TV off and on with a cell phone is to detect if your cell phone has infrared, you have to examine your equipment. Regardless of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, your port should be obvious. Sometimes it is in such a cautious way that it passes with confidence.

    If your mobile phone doesn't have infrared, don't worry, it's not the only way to align it as a remote control for your TV. Here are some choices you can discover.

    Set your phone as a remote control for your team

    Currently in technology everything is almost practicable, that is, in addition to inventing a command control, you will have admiration for other events. For example, turning my old TV into an Android Smart TV. As stated in the first place, there are two ways to set your phone as command control , here you have the two options so that you can do the one that suits you best.

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    It is very true that some cell phones are equipped with infrared. To verify all you need to do is examine your hardware. In some phones it is nothing more than a small one opening at the top .

    Ports for mobile phones

    Applied infrared sciences will not only make it possible to recognize televisions, but also any device that works with a remote control. In practice, if your mobile phone advances as far as possible with infrared it is already appearing with an application where you can align it as a command control for your TV. But if that's not the case or the application doesn't skew you, there are several options that are worth the same or better.

    Currently there are more uses public remote control on the Play Store. This is no doubt due to its broad view of affinity, working with televisions, consoles, projectors, speakers, cameras, among other connectors.

    No infrared on your phone

    You don't have to worry if yours cell phone does not have infrared technology . There are applications that allow you to somehow turn your phone into a remote control for the TV, it works just as well as applications that use this technology.

    Undoubtedly, in this case there are many variables in terms of applications and brands . So it is recommended to enter the official application that the manufacturers pose for this. There is a list of published applications that you can use and then examine your TV based on its model:

    One way to recognize TVs is through the application available in the Google Play Store, you can find it in the category "Lifestyle" for download.

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    How to use your mobile as a remote control for Smart TV

    To use your mobile phone as a remote control you will need to download MagiConnect , an App which you will find in Google Play. This application must be downloaded for both mobile and Smart TV.

    After installing the application on the Smart TV and mobile phone, open it on the TV. After that, open the application on your mobile, after which your TV should appear, Awards simply on Connect to use your mobile as a remote control for the Smart TV.

    How to use and configure the Android TV remote control app

    To use the MagiConnect app, select your mobile TV . This will display the various options available to control the TV. You should focus on the red button at the bottom.

    When you enter this menu, the control options that emulate your Smart TV remote control will be displayed. With this feature you can control the Smart TV via mobile phone .

    Use your mobile as a remote control on iOS

    Fortunately, the method shown before MagiConnect it is functional for both android phones and iOS devices . Therefore, follow the mentioned instructions to use your iPhone mobile phone as a remote control for your Smart TV.

    Other TV remote control apps

    If the MagiConnect application and the other proposals mentioned are not useful to you, there are other alternatives that we can use to control our Smart TVs with the mobile, in turn from other devices.

    • TV remote control - Universal remote control: it's a great alternative, as it doesn't just work with Smart TVs, it's also compatible with other types of TVs and technologies.
    • Universal remote control - Slim remote control: another option if you are looking for multiple stand, you can control soundbars, DVDs, TVs, TV Boxes and Smart TVs with great ease.
    • Android TV remote control: is an application designed to control Android TV sets. In fact, if you use this type of device, it is better to download this application.
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    Advantages of manipulating the phone as a remote control for the tv

    Desperate because you can't find a way to handle your tv. What doesn't appear, no matter how much you look? While you find out where you left it, you can also use your phone device under the bed.

    The best way to adapt the text to the TV is to change letter by letter and this creates a little inconvenience every time you need to access Netflix, Amazon Prime, a support or if you want to manage a web browser on your TV. The virtual keyboard of the application solves all the drawbacks.

    Un remote control for each family member does it imply a lot of things like that there are struggles for control? That's why we have the way out for everyone with their own mobile, everything will be easier and simpler and all solved, Yes, everyone can connect at the same time, so it will be just laughter and laughter for the jokes to change without anyone knowing who it was ...

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