How to use other antivirus together with Windows Defender in Windows 10?

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Windows Defender for Windows 10 is a powerful antivirus with the same weight as Avast or AVG in terms of both efficiency and functionality. Previously this was not reliable, then another antivirus was always used to protect the computer. However, now you can have two, you know how to use another antivirus together with windows defender in windows 10.

Although Windows Defender is sufficient according to experts and several important opinions (you can also download and use Windows Defender offline, which other antiviruses do not allow) many still prefer other services to the integrated one. But Windows Defender has the option to be enabled in passive or active mode and work together with another antivirus. What causes that Windows Defender apply certain actions that may bypass the external antivirus that has been installed.

    Aspects to understand to use another antivirus together with Windows Defender in Windows 10

    There are several ways that Windows Defender can be positioned due to certain causes. These modes are active, passive, automatic disabled and EDR in block mode.

    Windows Defender will be in active mode if no other security software is found or detected. In this mode you will practice real-time protection, file analysis, threat correction and apply virus database updates.

    If another antivirus program is detected, it will go into disabled mode automatically. Because in the first instance the two activated at the same time can generate errors, malfunctions and consumption of resources, decreasing the performance of the computer.

    In the case of the antivirus system installed is compatible with Microsoft Defender ATP , Windows Defender will switch to passive mode. In this mode, it does not correct threats, but analyzes and reports on them on your computer.

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    Finally there is the EDR in locked mode activated which positions itself as a secondary antivirus, but performs scan measures, threat fixes and updates. However, although it does not have real-time protection, it is the best option to use another antivirus alongside Windows Defender in Windows 10

    Steps to use another antivirus together with Windows Defender in Windows 10

    While it may be useful to have two antivirus programs, it is important to keep in mind that Windows Defender is sufficient to protect a computer and consumes almost no resources unlike other antiviruses.

    To use another antivirus together with Windows Defender in Windows 10 you need to enter the settings. This is done by entering "Windows Defender" in the application search bar and selecting "Antivirus and Threat Protection". The main Windows Defender settings window will open, where you can disable or enable it.

    In that window you can see what the external antivirus provider is and it will show if important actions are needed, also it will give the option to open that antivirus directly.

    If it is completely discharged, it will come displayed "Windows Defender Antivirus Options", you need to click on it. After that, an option will appear which will have a toggle to proceed with activation.

    This option allows a Windows Defender in run periodic scans even when another antivirus is installed and running. The switch must be activated by clicking on it. After that, a confirmation window will appear which must be accepted to activate it.

    Configure Windows Defender

    Once activated, two new options will appear in the previous menu. Look for the option "Manage settings" and click on it. This will lead to a number of options that can be turned on for Windows Defender to apply its functions or not. Note that the "Real-time protection" option may not be available because the other antivirus vendor is not supported.

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    Remember that if for some reason this protector stops satisfying you, you can always turn Windows Defender antivirus on or off whenever you want.

    With the latter, today's explanation ends, however, is it advisable to look for how to install a free antivirus on my laptop or pc? And what are the best free and paid antivirus out there? So you know where to find it.

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