How to Use Photoshop's Type Tool Like a Pro from Scratch

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Photoshop is a world famous image editing tool. This is cataloged by many as the best due to its functions, interface, professionalism, among others. It's aimed at the graphics area, however, its applications are very diverse, so it's important to know how to use Photoshop's text tool like a pro.

This application also allows you to use shortcuts or key combinations in Photoshop to make things much easier to do.

Many users use Photoshop for designing posters, infographics or anything that contains graphic and written aspects. Said this , the use of the text tool is essential to get the most out of this program.

      The Text tool

      This program from the Adobe suite includes a powerful text tool with a huge variety of functions and a wide range of changes based on user interests . It has options to change aspects of paragraphs such as line spacing, spacing, font size and style, among other variety of advanced features.

      If you know how to use the Adobe Photoshop toolbar, it will be a piece of cake. Likewise, you should know what it is, what is Adobe Photoshop for and what are its tools?

      In the toolbar generally located on the left of the program interface is the text tool symbolized with a " T ". By clicking on this icon you will be able to see two basic options which would be " Horizontal Type Tool" and " Vertical Type Tool" plus two more advanced and complex options like "horizontal text mask tool " and "vertical text mask tool" .

      The first two basic options allow you to create text and edit it with all the action of the title located at the top of the interface, with the stark difference of the chosen layout. If it is horizontal from left to right and if it is vertical from top to bottom.

      In the case of the two more advanced options, these give the text the quality of cropping an image and using it as the internal background of the letters. To use Photoshop's text tool like a pro, it's important to know all the features in this section.

      Steps to use the Photoshop text tool like a pro

      The first thing to do to use the Photoshop text tool like a pro is to select it in the bar located on the left of the Photoshop interface, it is identified with a "T".

      Once the tool is selected, click where you want the text to go, holding it down, you must drag the cursor to create a text box where you can start writing. Therefore the text will be limited to the size of the box that was created.

      Another method to start typing is to select the tool and simply click. Unlike the previous one, this one does not create a box and as you type it will zoom horizontally or vertically depending on the selected orientation.

      band options

      Once the text has been created, it can be edited. Several options will be displayed in the upper section of the interface. The first is a drop-down menu where you can see all the fonts that make up the team library . Choosing one with the previously selected item will change it.

      Then, in this order, there is another drop-down menu which has a similar function to the previous one, but in this case it shows the elements of the family of the selected font. The next drop-down menu defines the font size, which can be changed using this option or by selecting text and enlarging the box.

      The next menu is used to change the look of the font to a more rounded or smoother shape depending on what you want. Then there are three options for changing the paragraph layouts.

      Further on there is the possibility of changing the color of the character and another which has the function of giving pre-established shapes to the selected paragraph. Finally, in the title there is the option to show the properties menu in a separate window. Here you will find all the options for use Photoshop's text tool like a pro.

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