How to Use Pivot Table Timeline in Excel - Quick and Easy

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The favorite program of many within the Office suite, has enormous versatility. It has truly extraordinary tools (especially when it comes to the formulas that can be applied in a spreadsheet), and an interface that, at first, is cumbersome, but which really hides an infinity of simple or advanced options that increase its quality.

Greater simplicity

Something commonly sought by all those who use this program in their daily life is to be able to give touches of simplicity to all the files that are modeled.

There is nothing more boring and exhausting than a file loaded with content in its entire body, with hundreds of columns and rows, to liven up your experience, we offer you a couple of suggestions like the auto-complete feature that it will improve the efficiency of your work.

Look for your documents Excel have a simpler aspect, here you can learn one of the many techniques that this amazing program has.


In 2013, Microsoft Excel included the time scale as part of its toolset. This allows you to applicare more easily date filters to all data in a report or pivot table without having to use some tools that probably involve a more complete or bureaucratic process.

How to insert a timeline?

Everything will depend on your version of Excel. In this case, using the 2016 version, the procedure to follow is as follows:

  • Once you have your PivotTable, a number of options will appear.
  • In the Microsoft Excel ribbon, you will see a called tab Analyze, which you must enter.
  • Once inside this tab, click on Insert timeline.
  • Then, a box will appear with the concepts containing the date data.
  • Check the box Data.
  • After completing these steps and pressing OK, you will already have a small box with a blue bar that you can scroll through every month.

In the upper right corner of this box, you can configure how you want to display the time scale according to your preferences: for days, months, quarters or years.

How much is important

By selecting each of the months, Excel will automatically show you the accounting data (if applicable) corresponding to the month. In this way you can have access to this type of information without having to manually segment all concepts.

This type of information is typically acquired in advanced Microsoft Excel courses. The use of these tools is very important for applying to job vacancies where their use is essential.

Take advantage of new knowledge!

Once you have learned how to handle these tools, all that remains is to be able to show off and share your new knowledge in your work and in front of your friends. Communicating information is also important so that all those who may have less management in this type of program can improve in this regard.

Continue to investigate ea know the tools that exist in Microsoft Excel to realize how easy it can be to work with this program, the features of which can make life easier to more than one person.

Convert your files into automated spreadsheets that can be customized according to your needs and preferences. Keep learning with us a create macros in Excel in an easy way, but as an expert in the sector.

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