How to use PS4 and Xbox controllers with DJI Ronin S and SC?

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Nowadays everyone wants to take pictures like a pro with any device, this has even become an obsession. So for the more adventurous there are companies like DJI that want to make this task easier. Here because today you will learn how to use PS4 and Xbox controllers with DJI Ronin S and SC by simply connecting a PS4 controller to Android via bluetooth.

How to use PS4 and Xbox controllers with DJI Ronin S and SC

You are not reading wrong, this company has literally created gods stabilizers, which allow the adaptation of console controls within them. Which adds comfort while using and also offers a new variation when using this product.

It's kind of like using a controller on PC, like playing Fortnite with a generic controller on PC.

      The new Ronin SC

      Before acquiring the knowledge to use PS4 and Xbox controllers with the DJI Ronin S and SC, it's good to have some background on how this invention works in general.

      What is it for? Why its basic function is to allow you to take pictures without shaking i.e. the camera does not move. But this goes much further, since it has a focus motor, a wheel, a battery grip and a holder for positioning the mobile phone.

      The difference between the S and SC models is that the latter came out as an alternative for slightly more compact people, this one being lighter and smaller.

      It weighs only 1,1 kg and is made of aluminum, magnesium and other composite materials as well, thanks to its design , can be operated with one hand, which adds great comfort.

      The Ronin SC is also available in a pro model (which is worth more), but it has, as you may have already read, a remote controllable rotating wheel and a focus ring.

      Other than that, it is shown to hold up to 2 chili and that it also has some clever features like automatic panorama and timelapse recording (it can even create a motion schedule that allows it to shoot multiple times).

      Using PS4 and Xbox controllers with DJI Ronin S and SC

      The versatility of the controls of these consoles is such that you can even use and connect your PS4 controller to your PC to play games on Windows or Mac and also connect a PS4 or Xbox controller to an iPhone.

      Now, if it's time to unveil the craziness of the initial statement, how to use PS4 and Xbox controllers with DJI Ronin S and SC?

      Starting with the latest firmware update, for Ronin-S and for its little brother Ronin-SC, you can use both Xbox and PlayStation controllers to control various functions on Ronin-SC stabilizers.

      With the buttons and control levers you can rotate the dial, adjust the focus, start and stop a recording, as well as take photos and edit profiles (that is, everything).

      It is so useful that it is even better to use them, on the very official touch application offered by the company, for your mobile phone (improve accuracy and you can control the gimbal remotely).

      How do they connect?

      Best of all, connecting them is the easiest part of all, first you have to download the corresponding firmware of course.

      Then, in the case of the Sony remote, you have to hold down the power and share buttons at the same time, until the control starts flashing. Then turn on bluetooth on your phone and then go to DJI company mobile application, select your PS4 controller and that's it.

      In the case of the Xbox control it is the same, only what you have to hold down is the connect button for three seconds then it will be paired with bluetooth.

      With this you already know how to use PS4 and Xbox controls with DJI Ronin S and SC, you know what they are for and you have also acquired knowledge on one of the best stabilizer models on the market i.e. productive reading.

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