How to use Shazam to identify songs in other pop-up apps

The way you listen to music has changed, so has the way you memorize it. And of course, the way you discover new bands and singers every day cannot be changed.

How to use Shazam to identify songs in other pop-up apps

Gone are the days when, if you wanted to experience new music, you had to pay close attention to the radio or music programs on TV. The cassettes, MP3s, CDs and now smartphones too, with methods for transferring your favorite music, or simply identifying within your app store, any tool that allows you to listen, save and discover new music .

Shazam the prodigy of the song

As changes the way in which discover new music and how these apps work ? They are a combination of many things, like your smartphone, the radio, a movie, at the gym, or someone else is listening to music from their business, car or phone and you don't want to ask who the song is or what the song is called.

Thinking a little about all the possible cases, it emerges Shazam . This Apple-owned app is the ideal platform for getting information about that song you don't know or that you think you've heard before but can't remember the name.

This app use the microphone of your mobile device to be able to show the title of the song, who or who is playing it, the lyrics and even its music video. Despite the existence of other alternatives to the Shazam application, it has positioned itself as the most popular.

What am I listening to?

Previously, if you were playing music on your mobile device and, at the same time, you wanted to try to test the application and find out if it could work at the same time, you might experience a pause in playback so that this application could record external sound.

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However, its updates have made it possible to implement improvements in its operation , to the point of making the tool available pop-up to its users.

iPhone no, Android yes

If you are a user of an iPhone device , use this type of application will be practically impossible . This is due to Apple's implemented privacy policies, which restrict audio tracking from applications running in the background.

If, on the other hand, you are an Android user, when you download and install the Shazam application on Google Play, you must follow the instructions below to make the pop-up work:

  1. Open the Shazam app, swipe left and press the gear icon located at the top left of the screen.
  2. After entering the app settings, scroll down to find the section Central settings .
  3. In that section you can see the option Shazam Pop-up . You just have to press on the button located next to it to activate it.
  4. It will ask for a permission to work on other applications, which you need to grant for this to work.
  5. Press Go to Settings and grant the permission requested by Shazam by pressing the button next to the Authorize option.
  6. Upon exiting the configuration, Shazam will ask for permission to be able to record audios, which, again, you must grant.
  7. A window will appear on the screen notifying you that the Pop-up function is already active , also proposing to perform a test.

Discover music more easily

Once this option is configured, it is a question of accessing an application: radio, music or video streaming platform, any application where you can play a song to test the Pop-up function .

When the song is playing, the bubble Shazam mobile it should appear on the screen, waiting for you to press it in order to analyze the audio being played.

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This way, it will save the song to yours shazam-list and while the song is playing, it will show you the lyrics. So you don't need to exit the application to enter the browser or something to find out the lyrics of the song.

What are you waiting for? Download and install this application so that you don't miss any songs so easily.

Likewise, you can also learn how to use and recognize songs with Siri and know where they are saved in a simple and practical way.

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