How to use Siri Assistant as a personal translator on iPhone?

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Apple users or Apple have always been privileged, as this is one of the best company offering the best services in the world. One such service is Siri the assistant. It hides a lot of cool features that you may know, but didn't know that you can use Siri Assistant as a personal translator on iPhone.

That's how you read it, Siri can help us translate conversations, with this one we can stop depending only on google translate or other applications and rely on our always reliable Siri.

However, if you are one of those rare cases, you can skip this tutorial and switch Siri to Google Assistant on your iPhone, but that would be a rare thing indeed.

      What is Siri?

      If you live under a rock or are unaware of the world around you, you shouldn't know what Siri is. Well, very simple, it's an artificial intelligence that works like personal assistant for its user.

      It is available to all Apple users on all or most of its products. What makes it so special is that through voice commands we can make it search for anything.

      It lets you do simple things like use and recognize songs with Siri and know where they're saved, making things a lot easier.

      Furthermore, Siri adapts to its user, acquiring what could be called a personality. Uses natural language processing, to be able to interpret and answer questions, but can also predict the weather, make reservations, tell stories, among many other functions.

      Use the assistant Siri as a personal translator for your iPhone

      With the above already shoveled and now that you know what this program is, it's time for you to learn how to use Siri assistant as a personal translator on iPhone as simple as preventing phishing attacks in fake emails on iPhone.

      The first thing is to activate our Siri assistant, for this we leave the start button glued and give the command "How to say", with this the assistant will detect the word that comes next how to say it and translate it.

      We can also tell you sentences, not just words, you just have to say the sentence or text that we want Siri to translate out loud for us, followed by this we say "In" and the language you want to pass the text to.

      Siri will not only answer us with its voice, but it will also write the translation on the screen and you as a user can also skip the voice command and write it (it will translate it the same way).

      There are many languages ​​that the assistant has, and more are updated every day, but if the one we want is not there, Siri will kindly reply to us "I still can't translate this language."

      Besides that, the fact that it cannot translate all languages ​​is not the only limitation, the program can translate sentences or words accurately. But not entire paragraphs, as if the competition were doing it, which on certain occasions limits communication and despite the Siri assistant can be used as a personal translator on the iPhone, it's not the best.

      limits that hurt

      Apple is the best at almost everything and Siri is very good. But it has many limitations, despite its expansion, there are many features that are only available for the United States.

      Also, unlike most Apple products, it works in a closed loop, with no connection to any other Apple applications (which may be for individual development, but still limited).

      So despite being a great AI and having unique characteristics like acquiring some kind of personality. This program has a long way to go and is slightly surpassed by its distant cousins ​​from other companies like Alexa.

      Therefore, in conclusion, we have to trust that Apple will expand and modernize this program , so that using the Siri assistant as a personal translator on the iPhone becomes a more complete and satisfying experience for each of its users.

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