How to use the mean function in Word to calculate the average of a value

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Most people only use Word to compose documents, write papers, or write essays. But Microsoft Word is much more, you can insert tables and graphs, write formulas and Did you also know that you can use the media function in Word just like in Excel? . If you want to know how to do it, keep reading this article.

The first step we need to take is to make sure we have this program installed on our computer, if not, then you need to download Microsoft Word from its official website. This is the best option when installing a program, like this we avoid downloading harmful viruses or the theft of valuable information.

    Use of basic functions

    Before we get started with the whole topic of functions, it's good to make it clear that in Word you won't be able to perform operations of the same level of complexity as you can in Excel, as if you don't know it it's the Microsoft tool designed for it. That is, calculate roots, trigonometric functions or statistical calculations .

    Likewise, from Word, you can only enter simple formulas, the goal of this is make life easier for professionals and students who use it daily, avoiding having to go to Excel to be able to do them. Among those basic functions you will have arithmetic, counting and averaging, among many others. This time we will teach you how to use the media function in Word.

    How to create a formula in Word






      After opening the Word document, the first thing to do is go to the Insert tab, then select the table option and choose its size, such as the number of rows and columns it will have. We recommend that it be at least 4 columns and that you place it horizontally, as this way you will be able to get and view the result at the end of it.

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      Now, in the Layout tab, you have to choose the Formulas option and a box similar to this will appear. In the Formula tab you need to write = AVERAGE (LEFT).

      It is important to note that in some versions of Microsoft Word it is known that = MEDIA (LEFT) must be written. Since you will see that the use of capital letters is essential, otherwise it will throw you a syntax error. Then you just have to press enter and that's it !; you already know how to use the media function in Word, its execution is really simple and from now on it will get you out of trouble.

      Now that you know how to use functions, you are probably wondering how I can add, subtract and multiply in Word. Well, the procedure is the same as we just did for the average function, you just have to change the formula name to SUM or REST , depending on the function you need.

      To tell




      What can you do with tables in Word?

      Express a variety of opportunities

      Year after year, Microsoft's research and development team has added functionality and accessibility to the various tools in the Office suite. Its main goal is to optimize it so that users, professionals and students find it practical, intuitive and easy to use.

      The intention is that arithmetic operations become a very easy and fast process; because it is an activity and very necessary. Therefore, today it is enough to apply a few steps to add fractions in Word and many more to insert 3D models.

      It's amazing how many possibilities you can access with just a couple of clicks on the screen. And it's not just about the incorporation of external tools, but also about their accessibility and practicality. These updates have become essential for many professionals, and it is essential reduce the time they spend creating reports and documents .

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      This is also the case with students who can spend hours in front of a spreadsheet just to perform a simple mathematical operation; And what you probably don't know is that very few steps are required to calculate the mean and mode in Excel, for example, or to create bar, statistic, or spider charts.

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