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The Adobe InDesign program has positioned itself for several years as the ideal tool for editorial creation, editing and design , thanks to the different and interesting tools it presents after each new version.

If you are just starting to explore what this program offers you and become familiar with its tools, today you can learn more about one of them: the rotation tool .

In this article we will show you where to find it, what it is for and what cool tricks this option offers in Adobe InDesign, as well as how it can affect the design of something .

Rotate in InDesing

This tool gives you the ability to change the angle or direction of your drawing, that is rotate them around a fixed point or axis . This can be applied to both objects and texts. So when you create a new InDesign document, it will help you determine the correct location and orientation for your project.

Main considerations

The thing about this tool is not to just rotate. Keep in mind that you can change the reference point , point fixed or the axis of the object or objects you want to move. To do this, you need to know the table that will allow you to make this change.

The box is located at the top left of the InDesing options menu, where you will see the center axis of the selected sheet, by default. So it's something you need to take into consideration when using it rotation tool .

Change of reference point

It is important to note that the table that was discussed in the previous section consists of a total of 9 points.

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By default, the axis or reference point of your object will be positioned in the center , being able to be modified by a lateral, lower, upper or one of the corners that make up the shape that is the object of rotation.

Where to locate the rotation tool

The option to rotate objects is found in the ribbon of tools located on the left of the screen. It is represented by a curved arrow, left clicking on it will show you several options: scale tool, distortion, free transformation and of course the one you will use this time, the one for rotate .

Start using it

After selecting both the rotation tool and the reference point or axis around which you want to rotate the object. You just have to hold the left button on the object and drag it to start rotating.

Information graphic

To make this action much more comprehensive, Adobe InDesign tells you, as you rotate the object, how many degrees of inclination has on the selected axis or reference point. So if you need to precision when rotating or creating text on a curved path, this tool is more than ideal.

Duplication of objects

As soon as you click on the object to drag, you can press the Alt key to duplicate the object in question. This way you can generate a duplicate of the way you are rotating.

Multiple objects with the same degree of inclination

Go to the rotation option, inside the toolbar of Adobe InDesign , so that all objects have the same degree of inclination more immediately.

  • Double-click the rotation tool.
  • A window will appear in which you can determine the degrees by which you want to rotate the object.
  • Click Copy.
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Start shaping your projects

This tool offers several types of options for giving a touch of creativity greater than the objects you use for your creations. The fact that the object can be duplicated at the same angle falls like a glove, allowing for automation and immediacy in creations that have these types of tools as a fundamental part of their structure.

The Adobe InDesign application does not wheel alone images or objects . Among its many uses and tools, you can also learn how to create compound paths and shapes using Adobe InDesign cc easily and conveniently, all from our Look How It's Done website.

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