How to use the system of equations in Google Docs documents?

Everyone once dreamed of having all their Office documents at their fingertips in one app, and Google made it happen for us when it brought us Google Drive. In this application we can create anything, documents, slides and spreadsheets. But Can the system of equations be used in Google Docs?

It is very important to answer this question, as not only businessmen use this application, literally everyone creates documents on a daily basis, including teachers and students, which from time to time will need to solve a math problem and who better than Google to help them.

And is that the tech industry giant never lets you down, as its programs are the best products, tools and services offered by Google

      What is Google Docs or Google Drive?

      If you are surprised by the middle name of the title it is because you still do not know what this application is and before seeing if the system of equations can be used in Google Docs documents, it is good that you learn a little about it.

      Google Docs and Drive are the same, both they have been merged from the homonymous company in 2012, Docs is a document and spreadsheet processor, usable online and from any browser, thanks to Drive the What is a cloud storage system ?

      Its current name is precisely Google Drive and offers many advantages both in terms of space Archiving (free 15GB in the cloud free for your use) and versatility, allowing you to create documents that are synced from any device (to be edited) and are saved in the cloud for protection.

      It's an alternative to using free Microsoft Office online, cleverly merging everything into one. Nothing simpler than having everything at your fingertips.

      Use the system of equations in Google Docs documents

      Understanding that it is something as easy as using Google Docs documents without an internet connection, you deserve to know that of course it is possible to use the system of equations in Docs.

      This is why this system is so much superior to Microsoft Word, as you don't need to install anything separately, these are already accessible within the Docs itself.

      We just have to open the document in question, then once inside, select the option " Insert " in " Menu ", in this section the option " Equation " , an editor will open in which these equations will be placed.

      At the top, there are several options where you can place all the symbols and letters you need for the equation (it really has a wide range, from Greek letters, to arrows, brackets, among others), you can cover chemistry classes and physics easily.

      Delete the equation or modify it

      As you have seen, using the system of equations in Google Docs is extremely simple, and deleting and editing it is even easier.

      The equations will be reflected in the document as an image that can not only be zoomed in and out. Otherwise, by pressing the mouse on any of them, we will obtain respectively the options to edit and delete (we can also export the document).

      The LaTeX code

      For those who have learned this code, you should know that Google Docs natively supports it already in the app. Therefore, he immediately translates it, you just need to enter it in the equation editor and that's it. Now, for those of us who don't know what this code is, it basically lets you place arrays and matrices. Which helps a lot for more complex operations.

      Finally, it must be said that using the system of equations in Google Docs is very convenient. His system is intuitive and successful. In addition, it has a wide range of operations that can be performed, not only for beginners, but also for the more experienced, who want to save time effectively.

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