How to use the VLOOKUP function on two lookup tables (example)

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The office suite is so great today that it also allows you to easily work from a mobile phone like iPhone, in turn with each update it integrates new features and great utilities, but knowing the basics is essential, so today we will show you how to use the VLOOKUP function on two lookup tables .

    What is the VLOOKUP function in Microsoft Excel?

    As its name indicates, the VLOOKUP function has the task of looking for a specific value in the table, in any case the "V" is refers to "Vertical" which indicates that this function will look for the previously specified value in one line only.

    Once the function has been searched for, will return a value . Undoubtedly this function is very useful in case you want to search for content within a specific row, particularly effective in case there is a large amount of information in the table.

    Using the VLOOKUP or VLOOKUP function is essential to facilitate our organizational work, its application is relatively simple and the great advantage of being able to find any value very quickly it's something worth mentioning.

    Even so, this feature is specifically designed to look up information directly in a single line, so it can get a little tricky when needed. search in multiple tables or rows . For this we have prepared the following tutorial in which we will teach you how to use this function on two tables.

    How to use the VLOOKUP function on two lookup tables

    On this occasion it will be necessary to implement the so-called IFERROR function , which will be very useful for searching for content in different sheets or tables. This feature has been included in newer versions of Microsoft Office, so you will need to have at least Microsoft Office 2010 to be able to use it.

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    The SEERROR function

    The IFERROR function can be very useful for several circumstances, it is a logical function with infinite uses . In short, this function is used as soon as an error occurs or a required value is not found, the function is used to respond to this error.

    This function is particularly useful when looking in two tables or when looking for data in two or more Excel sheets, since originally the VLOOKUP function only works for a specific row. Using the SEERROR function, you can use the VLOOKUP function again in the formula and include a new table.

    In other words, what we need to do is use it first the IFERROR function , then the VLOOKUP function (indicating the first table), again the IFERROR function, and finally the VLOOKUP function.

    Use IFERROR and VLOOKUP to find parameters in two tables

      With the previous tutorial you can easily find data in two tables, as you will see, knowing how all Excel formulas are used in a spreadsheet is crucial for making more complex tables and documents. It may seem difficult, but once we internalize the process, we can easily produce very professional documents.

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