How to verify my Facebook page if the option is not displayed?

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Social media is a full-time job today. The more dedication you put into it, the more followers you will have, which will translate into money. Of course, in many of them you have to become a public figure to get a better income, so today you will learn how check mine Facebook page . if the option does not appear.

Everyone knows that one of the already crowned king of the networks is Facebook. With millions of users living on their platform, Earn money here it got easier (you can also monetize and generate money with your videos). So it's always good to look to see if there are any tricks that help us earn even more, such as verification.

    Check my Facebook page if the option doesn't appear

    First why it is important to verify the page: so simple to trust your fans (which will help you to contest and have more followers), you will also have greater visibility on the platform and finally you will get recognition of your brand.

    Now that you know this, it is important that you also know that there is only one type of verification badge and that is the blue one. There is the one that Facebook grants to pages of great interest to users, a confirms that this is a page from some real public figure , as well as a brand.

    Previously there was the gray badge, which allowed small organizations to prove they were legal by being confirmed by the same website, but this was withdrawn a while ago, so the option stopped appearing.

    If you are wondering, How can I verify my Facebook page if the option is not displayed? The answer is simple, you can verify that your business account is real by entering a link to an official website or a link to Instagram and Twitter.

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    Since if you don't meet the required requirements from Facebook while filling out the form, you will not be able to do anything about it.

    Requirements for requesting account verification

    With the above, you should have already answered the question, How to verify my Facebook page if the option does not appear ?, so now you will see the requirements you need to meet, to get the much appreciated blue check mark verification.

    The first thing is that you must abide by Facebook's terms of use at all times. Second, it must be an authentic account, that is, it must represent an entity or person that really exists.

    Third: it must be completely unique , there should only be one similar on the person or entity represented. Since if several are found, they may delete the account or just not give you verification, the exception is if said account is in multiple languages. Also, general interest accounts such as meme accounts are not verified.

    Fourthly, it must be complete, that is, it must have a profile photo and a complete information page, it must also have at least one general photo.

    And last but not least is the fact that it has to be notable, it has to be a brand or an important and sought after person very frequently in the search engine.

    Don't try to cheat Facebook

    If you were disappointed with the answer to the question How to verify my Facebook page if the option is not displayed? and you have decided to trick Facebook and fill out a fake verification form trying to comply with the above, you better portray yourself.

    Sure it's very difficult to get a blue tick if you're not a public figure (as hard as verifying my Instagram account with few followers), but that's not the only way to get recognition on the website. Be aware that Facebook takes these things very seriously and your account may be deleted. And also, perhaps, in more extreme cases, take legal action.

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    So while it is disappointing that the only thing you can do is insert a link. Try to make the most of it and make all your networks work according to your organization. For this, learn how to create strategies such as creating one or more new advertising accounts on Facebook or creating an ad on Facebook Ads.

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