How to view and check the time and duration of meetings Zoom on the computer - Show time

Set the time or duration of online meetings on your PC has never been easier to do. The Zoom video call or conference tool is an application or program, responsible for facilitating communication between people, with support for maintaining multiple video conferences. That's why it's important to know how to control meeting length in Zoom.

Currently, with the diatribes caused by the 'Coronavirus' personal relationships requiring physical contact, including those involving large numbers of people, have been limited.

For this reason the use of digital communication tools has significantly increased, especially those they have to deal with messages or video calls.

    How to enable the option to show the meeting time?

    For starters, we can show the elapsed time on our screen that we connected and present in a videoconference in Zoom. This option is not enabled by default, so we will have to do it manually. Here's how you can enable time:

    On the computer

    You will start by entering the Zoom website, on Windows or Mac. Then you will log in and click on the profile icon located in the upper right corner of the screen . Then you will select "Settings", then "General", then click on the "Meeting" option.

    Once there, you can enable the option "Show my time online" and from then on you will be able to see your time. You will find it in the upper right corner of the screen.

    On the phone

    To show the time on Android or iOS you will need to enter the Zoom application and go to the 'Settings' menu located in the bottom tab. You will immediately look for the "Meeting" option where you hit and enable the option "Show my time online" .

    From then on, the next time you join a meeting in Zoom, you will be able to see the duration of the meeting in the upper right corner of the screen .

    It should be noted that this option only enable time display for your user , regardless of whether you are the host or a meeting attendee.

    How to check the time of the Zoom meeting or video conference on the computer?

    How to configure the time or duration of Zoom meetings on the PC seems to be one of the questions of many users. Especially for those who don't have a lot of practice in using it. That said, to check the time you have to configure it in the 'Other calendars' option.

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    Once you have selected the previous option, you need to click on the 'Schedule' option and all information about the meeting will be displayed, including identification used for sharing with attendees.

    Therefore, depending on the plan you have, controlling the meeting time in Zoom will allow you to keep a more precise schedule . This is what is sought with the enabling of the duration of videoconferences.

    Setting the time or duration of Zoom meetings on your PC isn't a very practical solution, but it's a good alternative if you can't afford a Premium account.

    How long do Zoom meetings last?

    Zoom offers its users the ability to create video conferences, however, depending on the plan they have, the number of participants and their duration will vary .

    In the basic plan

    The basic or 'free' plan allows users to organize meetings with up to 99 participants and with a maximum duration of 40 minutes. After this time, the videoconference is closed. However, it is possible to continue the meeting, with a small interruption.

    When the meeting is in progress and yes approaches the limit of 40 minutes, you need to copy the videoconference link.

    Then, you paste the link into the search engine and Share again l''ID' with the participants, so that they can join again. To add a touch of professionalism to your meeting, you may want to improve the quality of your video call or video conference.

    Payment plan

    Zoom also offers several paid plans that vary in features as well as in price, all being able to have unlimited videoconferencing. For example, the Zoom Pro plane allows you to host meetings with up to 720 participants . It also offers many other features that are not available in the basic plan. And the duration of the meetings is unlimited in all their paid plans.

    Discover the benefits of using remote communication tools

    If the configuration the time or duration of the Zoom meetings on the PC it seemed interesting to you, you may want to know some advantages that the use of communication tools offers. Especially when it comes to complying with biosecurity measures against COVID-19.

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    There are digital tools like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram that have been of special help to millions of people, above all in workplaces or student areas.

    Calling, texting and live video have been pretty useful because being a way to keep communicated at a distance makes COVID-19 contagion difficult.

    Tools such as Zoom also offer the possibility of remote communication. Especially when it comes to business meetings or online lessons as they allow for double meetings or video calls on Zoom or other platforms.

    All that simplifies people's lives al point of not even having to leave the house. All you need is an internet connection to fulfill important commitments.

    However, on one occasion or another if physical contact is required but is not highly recommended, you must in the meantime practice remote communication.

    Are there other communication tools besides Zoom? Sure, get to know them

    Setting the time or duration of Zoom meetings on your PC or other device is pretty good if you don't have a "Premium" account. On the other hand, there are other alternatives to applications or programs like Zoom.

    This tool seems to be added to the large list of programs or applications that facilitate communication processes , especially when it is possible to speed up the speed of the free 'Wifi', to improve them.

    Below we show you le diverse alternative a Zoom in so that you can conduct your meetings remotely.


    One of the messaging applications most used in the world , WhatsApp also allows video calls. These also allow you to hold a meeting of up to 50 attendees, including yourself. However, this is only possible via WhatsApp Web, while there can only be up to eight participants in the mobile application.


    Similarly, this Signal, an app like WhatsApp that has gradually made its way among users. In this you can make video calls with a maximum of 5 people (including you) with characteristics similar to other platforms for holding meetings.

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    Google Meet

    On the other hand, Google has also joined the battle between developers of video conferencing platforms. We are talking about Google Meet which allows the screen sharing in video calls with a maximum of 16 participants and a total of 49 participants who can attend the meeting. It is also possible to insert subtitles into video conferences.


    One of the most popular programs for making video calls is Skype. In this case the maximum duration of a video call will be 4 hours and then it will become audio only. They also allow up to 50 participants in its free version regardless of the device used.

    Google Duo

    As if that weren't enough, Google has developed another app just for video calling called Google Duo. In this you can hold meetings with up to 32 people and its interface is quick and easy to perform its function efficiently.


    And for iOS users there is a unique app, Facetime. This allows you to make a video call with up to 32 people creating a group . Similarly, this App can also be used via macOS and the steps to create the meeting are very simple.

    However, they all have their virtues as each shares or diverges functions among its characteristics. It all depends on the tastes of each user or his needs. Likewise, an important difference is the quality of data transmission, although this is also related to the internet signal quality .

    Although it is true that the virtues or superiorities (some over others) of applications or gods remote communication programs they cannot be affirmed, because, after all, they all work for the same cause.

    If on the other hand you are one of those who are passionate about a single resource such as Zoom and you don't like experimenting with other programs, you can continue to be a Zoom user.

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