How to view and download Amena invoices in PDF from mobile or PC

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In the following article we will see how download and view Amena invoices , both on our phone and on our PC and in PDF format. Amena is a corporate communications services brand, which is part of the French multinational Orange.

Amena operates mainly in the fixed-mobile service sector, lines for mobile phones and the internet. With the advancement of technology, more and more companies are using applications or web pages to notify any insolvencies, news or to consult an invoice. Which it does save your consumers a lot of time , as well as being a practical solution.

If you are an Amena user, you may know its 'My Amena' mobile application and its website with which you can consult a large amount of information . In case you don't know how to do it, we will explain how to do it below.

How and where to check Amena invoices?

Amena offers us two spaces where we can consult our invoices , one of them is the customer service website and using its "My Amena" app to do this, you need to follow a series of actions which we will explain below.

Threatening customer service

To access this page, we search in our browser of preference "Amena Spain" so that we can quickly find the official page. Once there, we register with our account and go to the customer service area .

Here we can see ours bills for the last six months with Amena , helping us keep track of our consumption. If we prefer, we can take advantage of the fact that we are at customer service to clarify any other questions we have.

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Through the Mi Amena app

Another way to see our invoices is to download the "My Amena" application once inside the application, we have the possibility to download the last twelve invoices we have with Amena. This it may be the most practical way for many people , since it is not necessary to sit at the computer to consult our invoices.

How can I download my Amena invoices in PDF for free?

Since we know where to see the Amena bills we want, we need to know how to download them to check them at any time from our computer or phone. In both cases, the version of Android or iOS that we have is indifferent, because it can be done in everything, as in any version of Windows and macOS.

Now, to download the invoices, we need to be in the same spaces we mentioned above, both on the Amena website and in its My Amena application. Site where we can also see our calls by categories, such as their duration, where they were made and how much we consume from our telephone plan.

From the official Amena website

Let's go and press the month or months we are interested in consulting, by clicking on 'PDF' to download it in this same format.

Using the app

From the application is the first option that launches us, instead of previewing the invoice, we have to download it in PDF format, allowing us to have that document to check it at any time on our phone.

How to download Amena invoices for self-employed workers

If we are not part of any line of business, there are no additional terms. If we follow the steps mentioned above, we can have our Amena invoices easy and simple .

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How to download the Mi Amena application to see my pending invoices

The 'My Amena' application has a clean and easy to use interface. Beyond that, we must know that the application as such is an APK, an application that for some people it is not so familiar and if we don't know how to download and install APKS applications, we shouldn't worry because it's extremely easy.

Although the application has no risk and less download it from a secure site as from the Amena page, we need to check if the APK application is safe to install, especially if it is related to our personal finances.

Finally, we have some alternatives to the Play Store that allow us to download the My Amena APK, being easier for some people and important to mention.

What is Amena's billing cycle?

When we talk about the billing cycle, we are referring to the time between one invoice and another . In the case of Amena, it has several billing cycles, with which a date is given to deliver the invoice, but it all depends on which one we have.

An example of these is that if we start on the first of the month, we will be able to check our invoice on the fifth. And to cancel the payment from the bank, the twelfth is made. Again, this varies from the day we decide to start and that we can check on their website.

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