How to view and enable all websites in dark mode with Chrome

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In this article we will show you one of the many tricks of the Google browser: how to view and activate all web pages in dark mode with Chrome. Then we will tell you about some of the benefits of using this mode on both mobile phones and computers.

      How to Enable Dark Mode on All Web Pages in Google Chrome

      The vast majority of current web pages are designed to download, remove, or change themes, including Chrome. This can be annoying, especially when reading at night. For this reason, some have adapted to the needs of Internet users and have integrated a dark mode. Unfortunately, there is still time for all websites to adapt to this new "fad".

      In view of this, starting with version 78 of its browser, Google has introduced an experimental mode that allows you to force this mode on all websites. This feature invert page colors , without changing your code.

      Rather, it's about altering the way Chrome itself works, so we warn you from now on that not all cases yield the best results.

      Another drawback is that you won't be able to see the option in a traditional Chrome menu, instead you'll have to manipulate the Google Flags. With all of this in mind, follow these steps to force dark mode on all websites you visit.

        With these simple steps you can force dark mode on all pages you visit. Now, keep in mind that the changes you make to Google Flags they will affect all users of that device and not just yours. So if you share your computer or laptop with another person, dark mode pages will also show when that person logs into their Chrome user.

        Benefits of Dark Mode in Chrome

        For some years now, operating systems and mobile applications have begun to integrate a dark mode within their interfaces, through which the color black becomes the protagonist. Even today, you can enable and activate Chrome's dark mode on Android. Of course, even though there were a few apps in the beginning that added this feature, over time it became popular.

        It was only a matter of time before this fad migrated to computers as well, so today we can enjoy the benefits of this mode even on computers and laptops. For this reason, in this section we want to tell you about some of the advantages of using dark mode, both on mobiles and on computers.

        It looks fantastic

        Without a doubt, the first advantage is that dark mode improves the appearance of application interfaces and web pages, as they acquire a more minimalistic and even futuristic look.

        Reduces eye strain

        One of the factors that cause eye strain is the contraction of the pupil, which occurs when there is a lot of light. Although it doesn't completely solve this problem, as there are other factors, the dark mode helps reduce eye strain , as it reduces the light reaching this organ. This is ideal for those work nights where you have to stay up late in front of your computer screen.

        Avoid glare

        Yes, that annoying situation that occurs when you turn on your phone in a dark environment, especially if you have the brightness set to maximum. Without a doubt, by turning on dark mode you can avoid these annoyances to yourself and those around you.

        That's all dear reader, please turn on and enable Chrome's new dark mode and enjoy this feature to the fullest.

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