How to view Instagram stories by location and history

Instagram Stories have become more and more popular as many people post their best photos or videos on them. It is clear that the stories last only 24 hours and after that time they will no longer be visible to the public. Many users want to see the old photos they have uploaded, so you may be wondering how see all my instagram stories on a location map chronologically?

These stories are very important, because they allow us to share any type of content with our followers, likewise Instagram allows us to make them more dynamic , as it offers the ability to add music to them. Next, we will tell you the best way to see all your Instagram Stories again.

Locate your Instagram Stories on your Instagram account

Instagram is considered one of the best social networks , which offers us several interesting features that we can use on a daily basis, in the case of stories many people think that they are completely deleted and that you will not be able to see them anymore, but the truth is that you can see them.

To do this you have to log in to the application, then you have to go to your profile which is at the bottom, now we select the settings, these are the ones with three horizontal stripes, the first option that appears is 'File', so you need press the option of 'History File'.

Check the box that says 'By location' , in this place you will see all your stories based on the associated location, in itself you will see an entire map; you can swipe your finger across the screen to review each of the stories based on their place of origin.

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If you want that all your stories appear with your current location , you should know how to upload your photos to Instagram, by doing so you will be able to see that each of them will be saved on the map. This data can only be viewed by you, if you want another person to view it, you will need to log into your account, but this is not recommended.

Ways to sort your Instagram Stories

It should be noted that Instagram offers two more options to view and sort all your Stories, one in chronological order and the other by date. In this article, we tell you how do it correctly either way.

In chronological order

To comply with this, you will need to re-enter the history files , press where it says 'In chronological order' this is the main section showing a small circle in its icon. In this area you can see the stories with each of the dates of their publication, these are shown in batches, as you may have published multiple photos on the same day.

Per date

You will also be able to view and order them pressing the button that says 'By date' , in this area you will see each of them on a calendar, which will give you more organization, by pressing a date you will be able to see all the stories you have uploaded that day.

If while viewing your stories you want to put them as highlighted to see them directly on your profile; You have to enter the map option again, tap the story you want, select the 'Highlight' option , now write the name you want to give it and that's it.

You can also save all your stories or someone else's in your gallery, this will also help you to have your publications in places where you can always view them , plus if you liked another user's story you can get it.

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Why am I no longer able to see the stories of places on Instagram?

There are several reasons that could negatively interfere so that the stories of places on Instagram no longer appear. One of the main ones is that the platform has a technical problem, so it is advisable to refresh the page several times; It is also possible that your phone is having problems with insufficient storage space, so you can clear the cache to see if this is the case.

Another possible cause is that the internet connection is slow and for this reason it is not possible to view the stories of places on Instagram. While it may also happen that the configuration is disabled, you will need to go to the settings to make sure that the Stories option is enabled.

Also, if you want your old stories to be published again on this social network, you can search for the specific story you want to repost. When you find it, press it to bring up a box with different options, select the one for "Share". When you do, you will see how it looks in your stories with a memory option, if you wish you can delete it and then publish it. When you publish them, you have to choose whether it will be visible to all the public o only to your friends.

Remember that you can add any gif from the internet to make your story more attractive.

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