How to view or view all photos of an Instagram hashtag

Social networks connect people quickly and easily with just a click or the touch of a screen, as over the years the way in which social networks can attract their consumers and provide them a large amount of posts to view and spend countless hours between different images, be it famous memes, model images or food portraits.

But not everyone has hours to watch gameplay or listen to entire albums for both their work and their studies, and needless to say, the lack of attention nowadays, the time some can endure seeing the same picture is miniscule. . Or the same video without getting bored or distracted. Knowing this, it is not surprising that one of the most popular social networks in the world, with hundreds of millions of downloads , both Instagram.

The basics of using Instagram

Instagram is a social network based on the sharing and viewing photos , images and short videos between people and followers, where your "feed" or main page works in a simple way. The design was created especially for the use of the application on mobile phones, although it can also be used on computers as well as opening an account from a computer or mobile phone, although the design for computers is more limited than for cell phones.

But the interesting thing about Instagram was the ability to connect topics that the algorithm has, since it is not surprising that most users spend hours looking at thousands of posts and videos on very varied topics, sometimes with no relationship to which they get hooked. the user without his knowledge, therefore, what is the black magic that generates this pattern of actions? In addition to the advanced logarithm, there are also hashtags.

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Hashtags are a very useful tool

Hashtags have been popular for several years since their massive use on social networks like Facebook or Twitter, being used to a lesser extent on Instagram as they don't stand out so much in messages and written posts from other social networks, but for Instagram hashtags Work in a way simple, they are a tool for identify topics and to facilitate movement information between the algorithm and the user.

How to use hashtags and where to find them

When publishing an image, in the description tab you can write different hashtags, personal or popular, which can be created artificially and automatically, which can help to give traction and publicity to an image in the recommended tab of the application, although some people may not be able to use them, which is not a big deal but can affect many.

Now is the time to see the hashtag in action

When the application is used in a more "bystander" way, it is not so much necessary to know how to use hashtags but rather to enjoy the content, so it is possible that hashtags help to see more varied information and have a better time. There are many ways to passively use hashtags to view related photos, either by actively searching for the hashtag or by using reference photos.

Find and follow hashtags

The first way is the most common, as hashtags can be searched from the navigation bar located in the recommended tab on mobile phones or in the top bar on computers.

You just have to select it and use the "hashtag" option to search for it, the next step you just have to write any hashtag, for example "#miracomosehace" and will show automatically a variety of related hashtags , selecting any one will show the photo related to the topic.

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Photos that are interesting

It is possible that it is not clear which hashtag you want to search but which style of photo is of interest, or that an image attracts attention and is interesting to look for more similar ones, so you just have to go to its description and Select the hashtag that gets the most attention, so you can see any photo related to the hashtag.

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