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Win a contest on Facebook in simpler way could be one of the most requested things by users. Facebook is a social network that boasts more than a decade of success in the world of the network. Facebook is considered one of the most used social networks in the world, having more than 2,3 billion users.

La ability to communicate anywhere in the world or even advertising from Facebook has never been as accessible as it is today, there are countless possibilities that facilitate this process. However, it should be used with great caution and care.

    Tips for participating in Facebook giveaways

    Every day more companies come together for organize lotteries on different social networks, with easy prizes and various opportunities to compete. In the case of Facebook, it is advisable to briefly indicate in the comments which is the preferred option of the post.

    Another recommendation is also to comment on why you really want to win the contest, why you want that happy prize. Likewise, give reactions to publications, quite likes and increases interaction with the page who is leading the giveaway.

    In turn, it is important make several comments in the post , so you will have even greater results in case there are several prizes up for grabs.

    To easily win a contest on Facebook, you just need to be clear that the chances of winning or losing are relative. That is why, it is recommended that you organize a competition in your project, especially for promote a post on Facebook , whether or not it has a profit-making interest. Social networks and "marketing" complement each other very well.

    Social networks represent a creative window to share information of various kinds. One of these is oriented to the 'business' area, so entrepreneurship does not escape being one of the most persecuted.

    Success depends on how the Internet is used, as there are dangers in social networks that prevent the desired goals from being achieved. However, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, as social networks like Facebook allow the massification of information anywhere in the world.

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    All of the above allows to reach all users or consumers, directly and without intermediaries, using the least amount of resources, which, when compared with the old 'Marketing' , the amount of resources to promote a product or service would be astronomical, for these reasons social networks are used, in particular 'Facebook'.

    First of all, to easily win a contest on Facebook, you have to take into account the contest or giveaway policies, they are generally distinct, because they are described in very small letters , usually the restrictions that exist to participate reside in the location.

    The above means that some geographic areas in which some Facebook users live are outside the competition, the reasons are various, but the specific answer is in the policies or conditions of the same.

    Obviously, to easily win a contest on Facebook , you need to create an account on Facebook, from your PC or any device. If, on the other hand, the policies do not prevent you from participating, you can choose to interact with the publication of the giveaway, generally the obligation is to comment and like it.

    Increase your chances of winning

    Whenever we participate in a lottery we want to win and it happens that we participate again and never win, we have to increase the chances of winning and this can be done by respecting step by step the terms and conditions stated in the lottery. Secondly, you can share the content they generate about the contest , as well as commenting on the publication itself.

    Another way to increase your chances of winning is tag people in the draw daily , satisfying every requirement. Similarly, another great option is to create several Facebook accounts because the one running the contest will not really verify if the account is real or not, that is, if the person does not claim the prize, they go to another but they will not verify your personal information.

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    You must always be one step ahead to other people who participate, get noticed during the duration of the contest.

    Avoid falling into spam

    The term spam is used a lot on this platform lately and this is due to several things, the first of which is that they do not allow enough time to publish their publications; AND if they perform in several Facebook groups in a row, it could launch spam, this is something we really don't want if we enter a contest.

    In another case, it turns out that make copies of other content producers , both images and texts, in many cases have copyright; Well, this results in information theft. Likewise, it can generate spam if you massively tag people you don't know or if you report and it will automatically spam you.

    It's important know the terms and conditions of the Facebook platform not to violate this regulation because they can quickly detect spam.

    Finally, avoid the platform confusing you with a bot and this can be done by stopping to comment or like. If you perform these actions too quickly, you will not get good results.

    Is it legal to use bots to win contests on Facebook?

    It is totally illegal to take bots to collect or cover more in contests, as well as using other automated means . Another thing that is not allowed is to obtain content or information from users who wish to log in from such accounts or violate their privacy.

    How to get votes to win a contest on Facebook

    One of the main ways to get votes is search for pages within the same Facebook platform which are dedicated to this. There is also a so-called 100% of votes and you can get a lot of them easily and quickly. Also, you can contact the people dedicated to this but check their profiles and information to avoid scams.

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    Some creative answers to win Facebook contests

    On many occasions, one of the requirements is answer a few questions on a specific topic, what makes you an advantage or what makes the difference is to respond creatively, which attracts the attention of the brand that is running the contest; not just respond to pass the time. If really whoever wins, you have to write a sustained, attractive and different response from the rest.

    How to get lots of Facebook likes easily?

    Get 'Like' or use strategies for winning a contest on Facebook in a simple way it seems to be one of the most requested things by the users of the social network in question. However, you can improve the page by activating the followers option on Facebook, to facilitate everything.

    One of the tips for getting 'likes' in any publication is having a good number of friends on Facebook. The more friends you have, the more chance you have of getting "likes". Furthermore, it is important to properly promote the Facebook page.

    Undoubtedly, promoting the Facebook page will increase it to incredible levels, for this you have to get the more users for share it on other social networks, such as: Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, among others.

    However, the content of the publications must contain very specific and visually appealing information, it must offer a characteristic seal that the other pages do not offer, since in this the exclusivity lies and the authenticity of the content.

    However, many users claim that it takes a stroke of luck to like other users, especially on Facebook , as its content is very diverse.

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