How to work with layers in a Corel photo paint document - Step by step

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Working with layers in Corel Photo-Paint is one of the wonders this editing program allows for its diversity of users.

In this sense, learning how to do it correctly is essential for the results in the document to be as professional as possible.

For this reason, we have devised a tutorial step step for those who are new to using this program, and for those who are more advanced it is also relevant.

    Using layers in Corel Photo-Paint is a way to edit parts of the same image, but independently. The program also calls them “ items ".

    Put simply, it can be said that these are transparent sheets superimposed or stacked on top of each other.

    Thanks to this, the content enjoys the possibility of be moved, copied or rotated, without affecting the others existing objects or levels.

    In this sense, when you create a new document in Corel Photo-Paint , there is a root layer, which will usually be white.

    Where, whenever a new item is copied or inserted, it will be created as a separate item. With the proviso that it has to be inside the sheet or you won't see it.

      How to see the layers that exist in the document?

      The way to access layers is through the object manager, which will need to be visible. If you need to activate it, you can do it from the tab " Object ".

      This is located in the upper belt, so you will click on the option called " Object manager " or via commands " Ctrl + F7 ".

      Each level will be a different item, the item will be shown “ Background ” and the rest will adopt the name according to the order of addition.

      Likewise, it is possible to view a specific thumbnail for each unit, in which the characteristics and the modifications made will be easily appreciated.

      How to work with layers in Corel Photo-Paint?

      To work with layers in Corel Photo-Paint, choose the object directly from " Object management " to make changes to that item.

      In the same section, you can lock layers to prevent them from being edited, as well as add new ones. Similarly, you can use other tools.

      As the " Merge list ” that appears at the top, which allows you to combine objects based on the colors that keep their pixels. Option you can play with.

      In addition to this, you can change the “ Opacity ” of the level, with a meter from 0 to 100% for this value.

      Also, under the " Merge list ", there will be two more icons, the first one to add a " Clipping mask " and the second for a " Clipping group ".

      And, at the bottom of the section, you can add different effects to the layers, with the button " New lens " Effects are added to the images in the object.

      You can also create a " Group ” or a folder to contain and group objects, thus maintaining a more detailed order.

      Another very important mode is the one that makes it easy combine multiple items into one . This is at the bottom of the section.

      being the penultimate icon on the right, for which it will be necessary to have selected all the layers to which you want to merge.

      The last button contains a trash can icon, through which you can quickly delete one or more items.

      Do I need to know anything else to work with layers in Corel Photo-Paint?

      This editor is so comprehensive that it is difficult to list and fully explain all the tools and possibilities it includes.

      Here we will introduce some tools that may be related to working with layers, Corel Photo-Paint with its wide range of tools allows you to correct images with its effects tool , crop images using the mask tool , apply different types of transparency , adjust one text among others

      With the aforementioned guide, it will be enough to start working with the objects or levels , but it is always advisable to familiarize yourself with the program.

      Well, this way you could discover new options, as well as improve technique and get first-rate results.

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