How to write or insert text on an IMAGE in Word - Very easy (example)

Learn four procedures for write or insert text on a picture in Word , easily, quickly and practically. This knowledge will serve to raise your general level in the office tools domain. You will be able to become someone every company wants for their offices, for your efficiency when it comes to working.

As you gain control over the simpler functionality than Word and on the rest of the Microsoft Office suite, you can immerse yourself in more complex tutorials. For example, you could create an organization chart in Word or even design your credentials. The good thing about all of this is that you create and organize the Gantt chart programs you will study in to advance your education.

What is Microsoft Word?

Generally speaking, Word is software of processing texts, developed by Microsoft Corporation. As a leader in the word processor market, it goes without saying that this office program has innovative and easy-to-use tools.

Don't forget that we are talking about a paid program. To be able to follow the guide to the letter, you will need to download and install Microsoft Word from your official account, with which you will have to make an investment. I assure you it will be worth it, since you are betting on your future by training the use of modern tools .

How to write or insert text on picture in Word?

We will teach you three different procedures, in order to write some text on an image inserted in the Word sheet . Pay close attention and do it while you read. Try to do all the methods to learn them, but when you go through the program on your own, use the one that seems simpler and with good results.

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Method 1 to write on a picture in Word

For this method, you must first insert the text you want to work with into your document. You need to know how to insert a picture in Word. Once the image is inserted, you can assign it the size and position you want.

Right-click and a menu of options will appear. Move the cursor over what it says Wrap text and in that case select Behind Text . Now just move the image behind the text you placed earlier.

Perhaps this is how the easier , but the result is not as good as in the next two.

Method 2 to write on a picture in Word

The second shape requires you to insert a rectangle. This can be done from the context menu Insert -> Shapes . You will create the rectangle of the required size from your image and, after selecting it, you will see that the Format context menu is displayed above.

You will find the Shape Fill tool and in its menu choose Image . You will now have a window that allows you to select an image, which will be set as the background of your rectangle. Just right-click and then click Add text .

Now you can write the text you need, and you also have the option to customize directly on the image, until the best possible result is obtained.

Method 3 to write on a picture in Word

What we will do in this case is start by inserting our image in the document. Once positioned, we will arrange it to our liking on the sheet and adapt its dimensions.

You will now return to the Insert context menu and then the Shapes option. There, we will choose the basic shape called Text Box. We will create it on the image and add the text we want. All that remains is to check the box, so that the appears context menu Format.

Of all the options, we will have to work on two. We will click on the one called Shape Fill and put No Fill. Then, in the Shape Outline section, we'll do the analogous process, choosing No Outline.

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