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It has happened to all of us that we have a memory in mind and we remember precisely what that memory is captured in a photo , but when looking for this photo on our computers after enough time has passed, it becomes a tedious task.

Sometimes we clean and optimize our computers, we delete files that we consider not important , until the time comes when we need it. It happens with many photos, much more often than we imagine.

Fortunately, the technology is advanced enough to help us recover those photos we once had, but due to fate, they have been deleted or disappeared from the folder they were in.

You shouldn't worry because as always, in See how it's done, we will provide you with the details so that you can recover these photos using Ibeesoft Data Recovery. You just have to keep reading this article.

How to download iBeesoft Data Recovery for PC

Once you are on your computer, you will be on the desktop and you need to go to your favorite browser, you will double click to open it. When you are already inside this you have to go to the search bar to write the following ' Ibeesoft Data Recovery 'and click on search.

You have to search and select Ibeesoft Data Recovery official website, usually it is the first one to appear, select it and click on it. Once you are in it, slide a little and you will find two buttons, in which you press the so-called " free download "which in Spanish means free download.

The download will start automatically and once this happens you need to go to the download and run this program , don't worry about the installation, it happens in a very simple way.

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How to recover deleted files or photos

It is a very simple procedure, you just have to perform the necessary steps. iBeesoft performs extensive research for better results when restoring files with this application, this greatly facilitates the procedure, since it is not necessary to indicate in which directory you want to search, similarly, we are more likely to find deleted files.

If you carry out the procedure that we will indicate later, the application will launch you that file so sought after that at a certain point you have deleted, with the possibility of recovering it.

You just need to have the iBeesoft Data Recovery program on your computer, as it is needed when you want to recover a file. In this way, later we will explain step by step in a simple and fast way what you need to do.

Can lost files be recovered in iBeesoft Data Recovery?

This is nothing more than an application that works perfectly on Windows and Mac computers and from it you can recover those files that you have accidentally deleted or that are they simply disappeared .

We are not just talking about photographs, because this application it also takes into account files such as music, videos, documents already written and even the ability to recover compressed files.

This application is a marvel because it not only recovers files from your hard drive but also those from your USB drive, SD cards and any other storage device .

Steps to recover deleted files on MAC or Windows

To recover those files that you want so badly, you need to follow the below steps to the letter.

  1. Once the program is downloaded and displayed on the desktop, all you have to do is run it.
  2. Once opened, the first thing that will appear will be a window in which the 'Start' button appears at first glance along with other options called documents, photos, audios, videos, files and more. Where we can facilitate our research.
  3. At this point you need to select the option you want to search, although you can also select more than one option, so that your search is broader. Once you've made your selection, all you have to do is hit the "Start" button.
  4. The next thing that will appear will be all hard drives or memory devices that are in your computer, you need to select the one you want to scan.
  5. Once you have selected which drive you want to scan, simply click on "Scan", located in the upper right part of the window, this will start the scan.
  6. When the scan is complete, it will show you a list of all files that have been deleted from that device , you just have to search for the date and name of this device .
  7. You can view small files, but large files will need to be restored before you can view them.
  8. After selecting these files, you just have to press the button called ' recover 'which is also located in the upper right part of the window. You have to press it.
  9. After that a new window will appear in which you have to select the destination of these files, you just have to find the folder and press save.
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