In a previous article we could see how to silence a group of…

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In a previous article we were able to see how to mute a WhatsApp group you joined , this effective technique to not receive notifications from groups that we do not want at the time and today we will see how to mute whatsapp status a contact in simple steps.

How to deactivate or mute the statuses of a WhatsApp contact


    How to mute WhatsApp?

    To start we must go to our application and in the section "States" we will identify the contact that we are going to silence on this occasion, keep it selected and check the option that appears on the screen to accept silence towards that contact.

    Once you accept our contact within the «States» section, it will be in the « silent » and there we can always go to check which users we have muted in our WhatsApp and, if we wish, we can deactivate the silence.

    How can I disable status silence on WhatsApp?

    Very easy. We must go to the «States» section, there look for the section of muted contacts and select the contact that we must deactivate from his silence in our statuses.

    It sends us an on-screen message confirming the action of turn off silence towards that contact and we just have to accept it to be able to see its status again in our main section.

    We can go back to silence and deactivate as many times as necessary without limiting this action, just like we do with a group or a contact in the chat.

    Of course the silence is only done when updated in the States of WhatsApp and in this way you can continue to have chat conversations, receive video calls and multimedia content without problems.

    If we silenced their statuses and, at the same time, silenced the contact in the usual section of the chat, then we would block all daily interactions with this contact.

    We will not receive notifications of new messages, photos and audios on our WhatsApp because we block any notification from both sections. By deactivating any block, we will return to the normal functions of each contact.

    This option should only be done if necessary and always keep in mind that all the silences we make, both from statuses and chats, can be deactivated at any time without limits or restrictions on their use.

    It is available for any device that has downloaded whatsapp and has it running. If you don't have it yet you can

    Remember that this contact will be deactivated in this application only, so you will still receive direct calls from your mobile line and text messages (SMS) from that contact deactivated in the application and it is only a configuration available for WhatsApp, it is not you can deactivate the Contacts audio only from your mobile device.

    I kept seeing more step by step up with full guides on whatsapp and different social networks. He becomes a social media expert.

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