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In this article we will see how know if our Windows is genuine and activate it . Windows is an operating system developed by Microsoft in 1985. It is currently positioned as one of the best in its field, being present in 85% of computers worldwide, being the most used.

After so many years, Windows has a large number of releases, including releases of Windows 10, one of the releases it has. Since we know that this is Windows, we can delve into the matter that concerns us, checking if the version we have is genuine or fake .

It is common that some people when formatting their computers, buying used or refurbished equipment, have doubts whether the windows they bring are original or not. For an important variety of functions you need to know it , so we cannot ignore this fact.

In turn, Windows sends out reminder messages for those who have a license but it's about to expire, becoming the "Your Windows license will expire soon" issue. This message is more recurring in Windows 10 where the system is more connected to the network than in previous versions.

If you are currently using a pirated version of Windows, you need to switch as soon as possible. But what advantages does the original version offer us? With the original version of Windows we get constant updates, which they take care of solving compatibility problems between native and external programs, adding security improvements and new features to the operating system.

How can we see, it offers us multiple advantages to have better performance on our computer. On the other hand, Windows licenses have been reduced in price in recent years, allowing more people to have access to the original version and its benefits.

    Since we have seen how to know if our Windows account is deactivated or hacked, it is time to see how to activate it and verify our account with an original Windows account. Subsequently, we will see several ways to do this , as some don't work on certain occasions while others do.

    We can obtain this digital license in the Microsoft Store , even in some physical establishments that have these access codes. Now that we have the key, we'll need to activate our original Windows account.

    By starting a session using our new account, we will be able to enjoy all or the advantages that the Windows license grants us, without the need to take any additional action .

    When we talk about Cmd we are referring to the program that allows us to perform actions with command lines. It is especially useful when a native Windows program crashes at abnormally, running any kind of command from here.

    To verify that we have an original Windows account, we must press "Control + R" and a tab appears that says "Run" here we will have to enter "Cmd.exe" and Cmd will open on our computer. Once this is done, we write 'slmgr.vbs /xpr' appearing in a few seconds le information about our operating system and whether it is original or not .

    Earlier in this article we showed how to know if our version of Windows is pirated or not, all this using the control panel. Likewise, we will briefly explain how make sure you have the original version of Windows active .

    • We go from the beginning to "Settings" and enter where it says "Update and security".
    • In this way, we go to "Update" to see if our account is activated or not, so that if it is not activated, we can proceed to correct this problem .

    Genuine and activated Windows

    Having genuine and activated Windows will allow users to use all its features. The options like "Personalization" which include changing the background, screensaver, changing themes, among others, are only available after obtaining the license.

    Many users report that having Windows 10 not activated affects the performance of the computer and shows a watermark on the desktop indicating that the copy of Windows you have is not activated.

    This translates into having the best programs for measuring a PC's performance and thus determining if something in particular is wrong.

    It is important to check when obtaining or after sending a computer to be formatted whether it has an activated Windows 10 license and its expiration date. This will ensure that when it should be taken into account acquire and no eventualities occur with the PC.

    Steps to know if my Windows is genuine and permanently activated

    There are two methods to check if Windows is genuine and permanently activated. Although one is easier than the other, one of them does not allow you to check the expiration date of the license and if it is permanent.

    Find out if Windows is genuine and activated permanently from the settings

    To find out if Windows 10 is activated and genuine, you need to select the option " Settings " which is symbolized by a gear in the start menu.

    When you enter the configuration, you should look for the option " Update and Security" located at the bottom of the other options and click on it. After that, a window will appear with a menu on the left where you will find the option " Activation" near the bottom of the list, depending on which version of Windows 10 you have.

    Selecting the option ' Activation' data relating to the edition of Windows you have and if it is activated will be shown. In versions prior to Windows 10 the process will be different. The easiest way to get to the window where this data will be displayed is to press the ' windows' and hold it down while pressing the ' key X' .

    A drop-down menu will appear on the left of the desktop where you will find the option ' System' Selecting this option will display the window ' System properties ' which shows which edition of windows you have and also whether it is activated or not. It should be noted that using these methods it is not possible to obtain information on whether the license is permanent or has an expiration date. For this you need to apply the following method.

    Find out if Windows is genuine and permanently activated from the command console

    This method, to find out if Windows is genuine and activated, works on all versions of Windows. To start, press the 'keys windows' is ' R' . A window called ' Run'.

    In the bar of said window, place ' cmd' and press the ' Enter' to open the command console. In the command console, copy the following command ' slmgr.vbs/xpr' and press ' Enter' .

    It will take a moment for the window to appear with information about the correct activation of Windows and whether your license is permanent or has an expiration date, which will be represented by the expiration date.

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