In which country is Netflix Best?

Netflix it is a spectacular platform , allows you to watch your favorite series and movies in the best quality and not only that, the platform offers its content without annoying ads. You can access your account anywhere in the world with just a mobile device and the internet on it.

Now, Netflix has undoubtedly had a impact on the commercial market and more and more users have access to it, but in which country is Netflix better? Then we will give you a short review and what plans and services you will find when you use it.

In which country is Netflix the best?

    How many countries have access to Netflix?

    Currently the platform has 190 countries available and more than 60 million users.

    Advantages and disadvantages you will have when using Netflix

    Without a doubt, this platform is one of the best options on the market to watch yours series and your favorite movies . Let's look at some advantages and disadvantages that you will have if you want when using the platform.


      Well, Netflix has many plus points, there is no doubt about its high quality of service.

      The best packages available on Netflix

        Hire the best plan, the one that fits your needs and finances.

        In which country is the Netflix platform better?

        According to a study conducted, the Japan is the country with the largest catalog of movies and series, as it has about 6.032 digital content options. And not only that, but it offers around 4.747 movies. Without a doubt, Japan is the country with the largest platform Netflix .

        In second place we find the United States of America, in that country the platform has a catalog of 5.609 series and more movies . Let's see the positions of the 10 countries with the largest catalog of documented films and series.

          Which countries have the most Netflix subscribers?

          Netflix earns huge amounts annually, and this is generated by the number of people who subscribe to it daily platform, . The vast majority of subscriptions are located in the United States and Canada with approximately 67,1 million subscribers.

          Then we find Europe, Africa and the Middle East in second place with 47,4 million subscribers. And Latin America ranks third with just 29,4 million subscribers.

          As we can see, the Netflix platform has become the leader when it comes to enjoying the best movies and series, for sure you won't regret buying any of his unlimited packages.

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