Is it worth working for Amazon Flex? Is what I earn profitable?

In case you need a new job and you are thinking about signing up for Amazon Flex, we recommend that you take 2 minutes of your time to read this post. We'll show you later if Amazon Flex is worth working for and if it really pays off what you earn.

Is it worth working for Amazon Flex? Is what I earn profitable?

      Benefits of working at Amazon Flex

      In this first section we will talk a little about some of the benefits that the Amazon Flex service offers to its workers. While there aren't many, they're still worth checking out so that you can ultimately decide whether or not it's a job for you. Read on!

      • One of the main advantages that Amazon Flex offers to its workers is that the schedules are adapted to each person, since each person is the one who sets their own schedule.
      • In this case, the distributors are assigned a maximum of 8 hours of work per day, divided into two periods. However, it is mandatory to work at least 1 hour a day to maintain the position.
      • As for the hourly wage, we must clarify that it is not as low as we thought. In fact, in some cities in Spain, workers can be paid up to €14 per hour of work completed.
      • If we do the math, at the end of the month the threshold is around 1.300 euros. This may not be enough to live on, but it's definitely a big help for anyone looking for extra income. In addition, the days on which Amazon Flex earnings pay out are quite flexible and adapt to most people's needs.

      • Another important factor is that we don't need to have higher education. We simply need to meet the requirements to work as an Amazon Flex carrier in order for our application to be accepted. That is why many students who have no work experience prefer to spend the summer on this type of work. This way they will be able to generate income quickly, without a lot of paperwork.

      Disadvantages of Amazon Flex employees

      Now, in this part of the post, we will tell you about the gray part of Amazon Flex , or the disadvantages faced by the couriers of this new service from Jeff Bezos' company.

      • First of all, we have to point out that the deliverymen have to transport the parcels by their own means, as Amazon does not offer them official vehicles so that they can deliver their orders on time . This can be a disadvantage for many workers, as if they don't have their own vehicle, they won't be able to continue on the farm.
      • On the other hand, the delivery men who work for Amazon Flex don't have any identifying uniforms, they just bring their credentials. This can undoubtedly generate a certain distrust from customers waiting for their parcels.
      • Even the Amazon company is not responsible for the mistakes that the delivery men can make, since they practically work as freelancers. In other words, workers are almost defenseless against certain situations that can hinder their normal working day.
      • It is also important to know that being self-employed, you have to pay certain taxes, therefore at the end of the month you will see how the salary gradually decreases . This part is the one that many don't count, and as you can anticipate, it ultimately ends up reducing the net salary you receive at Amazon Flex.

      • Finally, Amazon isn't even responsible for the money you have to spend to maintain your vehicle. In other words, everything you spend on insurance, gas, parts and permits will be at your expense, which ends up at the end of the month. reduce the salary even more.

      Is working at Amazon Flex worth it?

      In conclusion, working for Amazon Flex is only worthwhile and profitable if you are looking for a additional income . That is, if you have another, more reliable job, but are looking for extra money. Even if you're on summer vacation and want to have some income while you wait for the next semester to start, this option is also for you.

      Now, if Amazon Flex is going to be your main money maker, it's definitely not recommended for you. In this case, it's best to look for a full-time job where you get better benefits. You can try to enter the best pages to look for work online.

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