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Root equals ad avere la maximum power , so to speak, in terms of system administrator privileges on your Android phone. For this reason, we will show you how to root your Android phone with Magisk and SuperSU

While rooting on any Android device, you will be able to edit several actions that you didn't have access to before. How to make a copy di backup of your telephone system, for example.

There are several ways to root a phone, some more efficient than others. Although this may vary depending on the model and type of mobile you want to root. But in general it could be said that two applications are the ones that have proved very competent for running a root without presenting problems. The big unknown is knowing what is the best way to perform this action .

How and where to download the latest version of Magisk

To start the Magisk installation process, you first need some resources or applications. First of all, you must have root on your phone or have previously installed TWRP recovery mode.

If the phone is already rooted, to install Magisk you need to download this application is its latest version. To perform this process, you can search for the application on Google and choose any available option.

However, it is best to download the application from the Magisk page,, although it is also in the Google Play Store. Then, you just have to click on the link that shows the page. Once downloaded, you need to grant the application root permissions. After that the mobile will restart and you can root the Android of your phone.

Main features of Magisk Manager

Among the features offered by this application to root phones is that allows you to make changes to all files without restrictions . It also allows you to create partitions of your operating system and then divide all the files and information you have saved on your mobile into parts.

It is an application that, even today, has proved to be an advanced and efficient tool. This app allows the user to become the "owner" of the system that your android device has built in, something perfect for you to be able to make any relevant changes.

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Its most notable feature is the feature it has that allows you to hide modified system information. That is, any aspect of the system that is changed will go unnoticed. Therefore, you can make any changes , as far as software is concerned, without the system preventing you from doing so.

A very practical function for anyone who wants to perform a full rooting of the telephone system without interfering or disturbing it in any way.

Having access to the terminal where everything is root means having a lot of power so to speak. Since, from there, you can not only make certain editions in terms of the operating system, but at the same time you could destroy some important data for the correct functioning of this. When you want to root your Android, we recommend that you download the following:

  • Magisk Manager - APK (You have to download the file and install it on your mobile)
  • Magisk Manager - PC (The file must be downloaded and installed on the computer)

This is because Magisk must be installed in both places to perform its functions and the process is not too late either.

Steps to root my Android in Magisk Manager

The main requirement to root from this application is that you have previously rooted the phone. The root type must be systemless in how much that prevents applications to abort the change they made. When you open the app, this tool detects the root type and will automatically give the option to switch to the Magisk type.

After making the change, the phone must be restarted. After that, the rooting of the mobile can be completed with this application. Conversely, if the mobile does not have a root, you must first disable bootloader and install recovery. Then you can root from Magisk app.

Where to download SuperSu for Android: latest version

There are many pages where you can download the Supersu tool for Android OS phones. To do this, enough Google this application and you can choose to download it wherever you like. Of course, there are recommended pages like chainfire or Play Store where people feel safer when downloading.

Official page of Chainfire

The chainfire official website has many applications designed to root mobile phones. Since this is responsible for the creating and programming applications with this goal. One of these applications you can find in Supersu, which can be downloaded easily and for free.

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What are the characteristics of SuperSU?

SuperSU an application that many have seen installed on their electronic devices without knowing what it was or what its function was. This, unlike the previous rooting method, has the function of managing those permissions that must be done on the Android device, since when it will be installed will have operating system administrator privileges .

Remember that no company would grant any user a administrator privilege , which is why they block many functions.

In many cases, devices come with this application pre-installed. Since then, mobile phone companies have considered it a necessary tool for managing access to the root terminal and thus being able to make certain changes to the device. You can easily find this same application in the Google Play Store or download and install the APK.

Getting started with SuperSu on Android

Once you have downloaded the APK or Supersu application with its root, you can start the process. When the file is in the memory card of your mobile you have to restart the phone with TWRP recovery mode. When it comes on, press and hold the volume button along with the power button . Then you need to find the file where the superSu application is located.

Next, you need to confirm the flash process and after some installation, select in Wipe cache / Dalvik. Finally you need to click on reboot system for running android. Then the system will ask you to install superSu again, which you need to click Do not install.

Differences between Magisk and SuperSU for Android

There are many differences between Magisk and SuperSu for root although in general they serve the same purpose. The main function of the aforementioned applications is to grant the user the power or permission. This for make changes and customize the work operating Android, update the system, delete pre-installed applications, change the functions of other applications, among many other functions.

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How long Magisk and SuperSu for rooting appear similar for these functions, both have a very distinct difference. SuperSU allows you to log in as a system administrator, with this you can change many of the functions of your Android device.

It has proven to be reliable for many phone companies and is available for everyone on the Play Store. But it was overtaken by Magisk Manager . You could also say that it is not compared to it because it hides your actions.

That is, any changes made happen without being noticed by the system. It has no restrictions and is very functional to root your mobile device from scratch, without the operating system taking any action or blocking. In short words, Magisk could be considered the ultimate tool for root an android system.

Device permissions

In terms of device permissions, superSu has a slight edge over Magisk. Since with this application you have the option to log into the system as an administrator . What allows you to edit multiple files or applications to your liking. Magisk, on the other hand, does not offer this option so the changes are more limited.

Accessibility to applications

To access applications, Magisk works best. As this tool hides the changes made and the applications continue to work correctly. On the other hand, in superSU some applications they can detect the change in the root and stop working properly, which means you have to re-download them or download other similar applications.

System performance

As for the operating system performance of the rooted phone. Magisk and SuperSu to root ensure that the system continues to function properly and in the best way. On many occasions, rooting the mobile phone with one of these applications optimizes the functioning of the operating system by eliminating restrictions and some applications that are not used frequently.

Permanent root removal

Both Magisk and superSu apps for rooting they are totally efficient with the uprooting of the phone. If you run the process with either of these two tools, effective root is guaranteed if you follow the procedure correctly. Both applications remove manufacturer restrictions and optimize the operating system.

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