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If you don't know which browser to use or are just experimenting with new browser options, perhaps your solution can be found in this article. What we will do is teach you how download the Microsoft Edge browser , in its latest version and completely free. You will officially download it, without having to access untrustworthy or ad-filled websites.

By downloading free programs, officially, we make sure that the software is updated in its latest version , thus being able to enjoy all the utilities that its developers have thought of. If you don't like this browser, after trying it, you can uninstall it easily. So, there are no more excuses, follow the tutorial carefully so as not to miss anything.

If you are going to download and update Microsoft Edge , you will have already realized, from its name, that it is a browser belonging to the multinational Microsoft Corporation, or simply Microsoft. This is quite exciting, as its technological development is always innovative.

When you get hold of the program, it is advisable to start experimenting with its features and functions. It might cost you at first, but it's all a matter of familiarizing yourself with one different browser than usual Google Chrome e Mozilla Firefox.

Everything you need to know about Microsoft Edge

There are a few things to keep in mind before purchasing this modern Microsoft software . We will leave a lot of things to learn manually when you use it. We are sure that you will follow the guide without problems to download it.

What is a web browser?

The first thing you should know is what type of software you will install on your computer. In a basic and general way it is about programs capable of accessing the web and interpret the information of the sites visited. That is, they are responsible for processing all the code on the page and showing it to you in a way that you can interpret and take advantage of.

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No confuse browsers with search engines . The latter, also called search engines, are the systems used to search for files on servers. In other words, the ones that allow you to find the site you want on the web.

An example to clear up this confusion would be with Google Chrome and Google. Google Chrome is a browser, while when you agree to search (only) for things in google, or googling, you are using a search engine.

What happened to Internet Explorer?

It is well known, and used as a meme, that Internet Explorer has never been a browser appreciated by its users. It didn't seem like a viable option, yes

We have compared it with other of the most used navigation programs. Because of its slowness, its design and so on.

Aware of what was happening to its browser, Microsoft decided to get down to business and program Microsoft Edge, like best alternative to compete
in the navigation software market.

The truth is that they have been successful. According to the 2018 browser market studies, Microsoft Edge occupied more than 15% of them. Far from competing with the monster Google Chrome , but having dethroned everything else.

How to download the latest version of Microsoft Edge?

As mentioned, the process for downloading Microsoft Edge is really simple. All you need is one of the following operating systems:

  • Windows 10
  • iOS


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