Mobile companies to work with Didi or Uber, best plans and recommended mobile phones

These platforms are the best known, offering the alternative of registering as a partner. For this, knowing which are the mobile phone companies to collaborate with Didi or Uber, could be a great advantage when deciding to be part of one of these companies .

Since implementing this app-requested service, both companies have gained trust and popularity in different places; be a new alternative for be able to request a transfer and variety of services reliably.

Mobile companies to work with Didi or Uber, best plans and recommended mobile phones

The pioneer was Uber, which made it possible not only to be a user, but also to register as a partner driver. You just have to deliver the required requirements and like this to be able to belong to this well-known chain dedicated to intercity travel.

Another platform that is gaining acceptance is Didi. This company is also dedicated to providing these services and providing an opportunity to be a part of their employees. For this, you must also take into account the requirements or important data such as the type of insurance you require to work with them.

Both Didi and Uber offer the alternative of being able to work as a driving partner. When you decide to start providing these services; You must have a good mobile data plan, with which you can access the platform and efficiently receive requests, thus providing the best transfers. For this reason, knowing what the best plans and cell phones are will be very helpful.

      The best mobile phone companies to work with Uber and Didi you should know

      To be able to know which are the best moving company to partner with Uber and Didi will help you provide better moving service. Regardless of which one you choose to belong to, you won't need just a great phone to work at any of these companies. You will also need a plan for access the service and stay in touch with inquiries at all times.

      Among the companies that can be taken as a reference when choosing to be an Uber or Didi driving partner, there are the following:


      This is one of the companies with mobile services which has received awards. It is one of those that offers both variety of plans as far as payment rates are concerned as well as a range of mobile phones that can make it easier for you to provide the best services.

      The recommended plans are unlimited minutes and data. The prices of these packages are between 15 and 23 euros for the first few months, providing a package with medium speed to maximum 5G. You can also opt for one of limited gigabytes but try to get one that allows you to be in constant communication.


      Movistar is among the mobile phone companies that they collaborate with Uber and Didi . It is one of those that offers you a variety of plans to be able to be a driving companion and not have any inconvenience.

      With Movistar you have the alternative of choosing unlimited contractual rates or opting for 15 gigabyte plans and minutes for calls. You have the ease of being able to choose between a contract or prepay line.


      This telephone company is one of the most affordable on the market ; since the rates in the contract or prepaid services are between 10 and 32 euros. Each of the plans has a gigabyte and call service; which you can choose depending on the time you will be working.

      Mobile phones recommended for this type of service

      If you choose to be a pilot on one of these platforms, you will not only need to have a good data plan, but you will also need a smartphone to proceed to or from Didi.

      work optimally , here are some cell phones suitable for these services:

      • Nota Xiaomi Redmi.
      • Huawei.
      • Oppo.
      • LG.

      Each of these devices is of excellent quality and you will be able to perform your services as a driver in Didi or Uber. They are mobiles with an operating system capable of facilitating any work that requires constant use; be able to acquire it in any of the phone calls mentioned, in order to provide a great transfer.

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