Netflix vs Blim Which is better? Differences, advantages and disadvantages

Is Netflix Better Than Blim? What is Blim and why does it compete with Netflix? What advantages does Blim have over Netflix? Why prefer Netflix to the Blim platform?

Netflix is ​​the booming online platform of the moment, positioning itself as the leading and best platform for viewing content on the Internet. Netflix has been online for years and it's extremely safe, fast, and its content is mostly original.

There are numerous Netflix-like alternative versions for watching series and movies online, such as the Disney plus platform, Cuevana3, and among them the most recent, Blim.

Blim came to the Internet to become a headache for Netflix. If you are new to the Blim platform, how it works and what advantages it has, we recommend that you continue reading this article.

    What is Blim and why does it compete with Netflix?

    It is well known that Netflix it is the number one platform for watching series on the internet, however Blim is competing to take the spot.

    Blim is a video platform launched by the Mexican television station Televisa. His idea is to distribute original content through the website. In addition, Blim includes all previously published content, such as the famous series "Without fates if there is paradise".

    Many Netflix supporters expected Blim to be simply an advertising scam, which is why numerous social media memes have been made. What no one expected is that in less than a year since launch of Blim, surpassed Netflix by 18,3%.

    After seeing these devastating figures for Netflix , many of its users are wondering which digital platform for watching series and movies is better? Is Netflix Worth Buying and Hiring? Or is it better Blim? So today at miracomosehace we will take care of answering your questions.

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    Netflix vs Blim What is the best platform for watching movies?

    The platforms Blim e Netflix as a streaming service they have their positive and negative comments. They have captured the attention of the public, but given their comparisons we will be able to choose the best one for us.

    Netflix is ​​a broad platform that, in addition to having a large repertoire of films, has material with good reviews. From a affordable price and plans that will help us improve the quality of the experience. Netflix has more than 600 titles for the enjoyment of users, original material, extensive and quality.

    For its part, Blim has to his credit more than 700 titles available of the public. But whose material focuses more on that created in Mexico. Films, series and novels aimed at Mexicans.

    Many users prefer to use the Netflix platform for its varied and growing content. With almost 70% of receptivity, in Internet TV users, thanks to the best price and quality when watching movies

    Differences between Netflix and Blim

    Despite the similarities, both platforms have big differences and the most important thing is who your content is aimed at. The Blim platform focuses on the productions made in the e for your country, Mexico . From soap operas to series that go to Mexican and Spanish-speaking audiences.

    Netflix, for its part, has a vast index of contents aimed at multiple countries and continents. Well, from well-known series and films, to some productions that, by inclusion and plot, are usually famous all over the world.

    What prices and services do Blim and Netflix have?

    Starting with the Blim platform, the monthly price is $ 109 pesos . And it costs $ 1308 pesos annually, with a one-month free trial.

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    You can pay from PayPal, your MasterCard debit or credit card and visa. Although the best option will be Blim prepaid cards. These cards are available for 1, 3 and 6 months, with prices of $ 109, $ 289 and $ 549 pesos respectively .

    The benefits of Blim range from a catalog to select series, movies, novels, cartoons and original television content. And to this 30 TV channels are added that you can enjoy in Mexico. Channel of

    The stars, Golden Edge, Telemundo Internacional and BANDAMAX are some of those mentioned.
    Blim can be used on 2 screens simultaneously. But from one account you can register up to 5 different devices.

    The Netflix platform has a large number of movies and series. Ranging from original productions to those that caused a sensation on TV.

    Netflix has plans and pricing based on customer availability. These range from basic at $ 7,99, standard at $ 10,99 and premium at $ 13,99 . Each has 1, 2 and 4 screens respectively and we can use it in the different smart devices we have.

    Payment will be made once a month, right on the date you sign up. You can change your plan and likewise cancel the service if necessary

    To determine which is the best digital platform for watching series and movies, between Blim and Netflix, it is necessary determine the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

    One of the main advantages of Netflix is ​​its large catalog of series and movies. On Netflix, you can find hundreds of series of all kinds. Furthermore, most of its content is original.

    Netflix support is one of the fastest and most efficient on the internet, so if you are having trouble accessing Netflix, contacting support can get you back to your account in less than 10 minutes.

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    The contents created by Netflix are of excellent quality, all its productions are extremely professional. Netflix when creating content yes always strives for international success, so it's not aimed at a specific audience.

    However, among its drawbacks is that it no longer has payment options, reducing these to just card payments or through the Paypal virtual wallet.

    Advantages and disadvantages of Blim

    When making a distinction between Netflix and Blim, you need to keep in mind that Netflix has been on the internet for years since its launch. While Blim is an extremely new platform.

    Despite the novelty that is Blim, his strength is the original novels of Telemundo. So if you haven't been able to see the novel at 4, 5, 7 or 8 , now you can do it easily. Likewise, it is also possible to find films of American origin in Blim, but these are not its main attraction.

    Blim is a very efficient charging service and has payment methods such as debit, credit or virtual wallets. However, the platform still has several drawbacks.

    Among the disadvantages that Blim has is that of not providing content based on user preferences. Despite being varied, their productions are focused on an audience focused on Latin America, so if you have a wider taste, Blim is not your best option.

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