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The first Tomb Raider debuted in 1996. It has automatically become a classic and many users have seen it as the perfect excuse to buy their first 3D accelerator cards. Almost 25 years later, the game can be run from any system without fear, and proof of that is OpenLara , a project that tries to reproduce it in a web browser.

The first time I saw a 3D Diamond Monster card in action was with the original tomb raider , and I practically took my jaw off the ground. A couple of months later, that same card was installed in my computer and Lara Croft overcame obstacles with the fluidity that only dedicated hardware could offer. Easier, more enjoyable times, fueled by an adventurous lady in shorts so short they stirred the minds of 16-year-olds like yogurt pots. I never finished the first Tomb Raider. In fact, I've never finished any titles in the series. Perhaps with OpenLara another is the story

Tomb Raider in your browser

Many memories ... including the occasional insult to the controls

The first Tomb Raider is being sold as part of the initial GOG trilogy at a ridiculous price. However, the project OpenLara offers the possibility of play it on a web browser . Technically it is not a complete reproduction, but it is actually a remake of the graphics engine, without the limitations of the original. That means more than 30 frames per second, something we certainly appreciate. Add to that a first person mode, which I have to admit is pretty broken, and cropping details are on the agenda, as are aiming issues.

On the other hand, the sound works very well and the same goes for the external level loading system. OpenLara is based on Tomb Raider level 2, but if you have a copy handy you can try exploring other stages. In short, a work in progress that will require patience, but in which you work from week to week.

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