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With hundreds of years and dozens of variations on its back, parcheesi it is a compelling example of validity and popularity. As expected, the web has only expanded its reach and today we can access full games by facing off against friends, strangers and bots. If you are a fan of the game and are interested in play Parcheesi online , below we will share three options for you to explore and enjoy alone or with someone.

Parcheesi for you, for me, for everyone

If you've ever wondered what the origin of parcheesi , all arrows point to the Indian pachisi, a name derived from paccīs or "twenty-five", the maximum score a player could get with the original tiles. It also has a very close relationship with the chaupar of the same region and from there its variants have exploded around the world. From the classic Ludo to Sorry! The British, through the Barjis in Syria and Parques Colombia, are all likely to have played at least one simplified version of this inexhaustible classic.

That said, if you like play Parcheesi online , there is good news for you. As with other classic games (for example, Minesweeper or Sunk the Fleet), finding good versions of Parcheesi online isn't complicated and our intention here is to save you that work. Today we have three alternatives that you can confront with your computer, your friends, or complete strangers on the Internet.

How to play Parcheesi online: three options


PlayJoy requires a Google or Facebook account to continue (I personally recommend Google), but once that barrier is cleared, their version of Parcheesi will instantly put you in action with three other players. It also offers chat support for occasional texting, however the games are quite intense and will require your full attention.

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The edition focuses mainly on a multiplayer experience. All you have to do to get started is to give yourself a nickname and search for one of the many "tables" available to start the game. Another interesting option is to watch others play, although the games are developed at high speed. Can't find any rivals? Don't worry - choose three robots and get started!

Ludo Hero

Yes, the truth is that there are technical differences between Ludo and Parcheesi, but in general, Ludo Hero feels and plays the same way. He plays against various robots, or with random players on the web, but don't be surprised if one of them disappears in full rage when he eats a token. Personally that's what I liked the most.

In summary

play Parcheesi online , you should definitely start with one of these three sites. There are other options, but they are a little more challenging in terms of registration (like creating accounts or associating Facebook profiles) and we don't care. The idea is to click and play, nothing more. Good luck and have fun!

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